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When you arrive in a city it is always unknown, and a little bit hard to understand its geography, how the local transportation works, and also where all the different attractions can be found.

During this tour which lasts between 2 1/2 – 3 hours if you use a car and approximately 3 hours on foot, you will enjoy the most important sights of Budapest, and you can walk along the Danube, along the Andrassy Avenue and see the buildings and feel the smell of the city. All major attractions can be seen on this tour, but normally we do not go up to the Gellert Hill (if the tour is on foot). The guide meets you at the place you live (hotel or apartment), which means you do not need to worry about finding the guide somewhere in an unknown city.

budapest guided tour

If you have never been to Budapest before, this trip is a must! It will for sure improve the quality of your stay, and help you use every minute and hour better.

This trip is available both on foot and with a private driver (the car version is recommended due to the size of Budapest).

If you come together with a large group we can also arrange a bus to transport your group.

Guided tour prices:

Guided tour in Budapest on foot (appx. 3 hours):

  • 1-4 persons: 30,000 HUF
  • 5-10 persons: 50,000 HUF
  • 11-20 persons: 70,000 HUF

Guided tour in Budapest with a private car (the guide and the driver are separate persons):

  • 1-2 persons: 85,000 HUF
  • 3 persons: 90,000 HUF
  • 4 persons: 95,000 HUF
  • 5 persons: 100,000 HUF
  • 6 persons: 105,000 HUF
  • 7 persons: 120,000 HUF
  • 8 persons: 125,000 HUF
  • 9 persons: 130,000 HUF
  • 10 persons: 135,000 HUF
  • 11 persons: 140,000 HUF
  • 12 persons: 145,000 HUF
  • 13 persons: 150,000 HUF
  • 14 persons: 155,000 HUF
  • 15 persons: 160,000 HUF

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6 thoughts on “Budapest intro

  1. Allen, Chicago says:

    My wife and I booked 3 hour walking tour in Budapest with “Guide to Budapest” for Friday 14 March, 2008. We were very impressed with the guides knowledge and personable attitude and very happy with the time we spent together. We had looked at other tour guides, but they seemed to have their own routes and ideas. Our guide arranged our tour based on our available time and interests. You can be sure we will use them again and I now recommend them to everyone I know who is traveling to Budapest.

  2. Wenche says:

    We were a group of eight people who were picked up at our hotel and had a guided tour with minibus in Budapest. It was a great way to get to know the city, and the guide helped us with suggestions for activities, table reservations in addition to the guided tour itself.

  3. Sindre Olsen says:

    We were picked up at Cosmo Fashion Hotell by the guide and the driver to enjoy a three hour guided tour in Budapest where we hoped to get a good overview over Budapest. We got much interesting information about the city and its beautiful buildings and bridges. The trip was ended outside the zoo where we enjoyed a long walk. We got a lot back for going on such a trip, and we will recommend this to everyone else visiting Budapest later.

  4. keith simpson says:

    Our guide, Siggi, arrived at our hotel at the time we had requested and within minutes helped us appreciate the delights of Budapest. We had booked a 3 hour walking tour and easily managed to pull in all the main attractions such as the castle, opera house,bascillica and so on. If you have never been to Budapest before then this is the tour for you!

    Keith and friends, Derby, England

  5. Mariann says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my tour with the guide you provided. She was really knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. She kept exactly to time and delivered me back to my hotel having covered hero’s square the opera house, the chain bridge and castle. She was very enthusiastic about the history and architecture of Budapest which made the city comer to life for me. I will definitely return to Budapest for a longer visit based on my tour so that I can enjoy the thermal spa and more of the wonderful sights.

  6. Jennifer Wilson says:

    Siggi was a fantastic tour guide. We booked a 3 hour tour in a car for my family (includes 2 teens). Everyone was interested and it was the right amount of walking and driving, with a comfortable van where Siggi had a headset so even when she was telling us information in the car we could actually hear her. This wasn’t a tour with a million dates, but rather a tour where I got a feel for the history of Hungary and for the people. When we went to Hero’s square and Siggi went through the statues there, the stories were interesting so we all paid attention and enjoyed it. I learned about the locals and got a good feel for the layout of the city. As we went over Christmas break, I also got to learn about Hungarian Christmas traditions. I would highly recommend this tour! You can’t go wrong with her!

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