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Since our page was released we have lost the count telling how many people we have helped with reserving tables at different restaurants in Budapest. We have helped people with normal requests, but we have also helped people celebrating birthdays (bits of advice on where they should go) and similar special occasions. Since we know the restaurants and the prices around in Budapest, we can help you so that you can book a table and prepare for a great lunch or dinner somewhere in Budapest. If you need advice, ask us!

Read more about the restaurants in Budapest, or fill in the forms below to reserve a table in your favorite Budapest restaurant!

For information on New Year’s Eve, check our New Years Eve in Budapest page and if you come to Budapest for Christmas, you can more about restaurants in Budapest around Christmas here.

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    We normally arrange with the requested table reservations within 24 hours, but during the weekends, things might be slower. It is important to book a table well in advance, especially during weekends, as many restaurants are fully booked several days in advance on Friday’s and Saturdays, and sometimes also on Sundays.