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    • Budapest Guide says:

      Hello and thank you for asking! Children younger than 18 years need a permission from their parents to get a piercing, so the age limit is 18 if you do not have permission from your parents.

  1. Gary says:

    Does anyone know anything about some murals on castle hill? They are very old and near the President’s Palace. I would love to read about the history of them and the images they represent. but I can’t find any pictures or information about them except the few pictures I took.

    • Budapest Guide says:

      Hello! It is possible to use card in 80% of all places in Budapest, so a card is mostly enough, but some cash is always useful, because if you bump into one of those 20% places in which no card is accepted then you can still pay, and some cash can always be useful. But, if you want to skip changing or converting money, then a card will mostly do in Budapest!

  2. Nagisa says:

    Hello! we are university student. we study about Budapest tourism and culture. could you tell me, we would like to know about the Local customs or traditions.

    • Budapest Guide says:

      It all depends on how much you plan on spending. if you are on a budget you could easily get by with 20 Euro, but if you plan on eating a nicer dinner, go shopping and actually spend some money I would at least bring 150 Euro. But again, it all depends on how much you actually want to spend on eating and on shopping!

  3. Sanja says:

    Can you tell me where can I buy tickets for a concert of Lara Fabian April 26th? She will performed in Papp László Budapest Sportaréna. Thank you 🙂

  4. Stephania Zammit says:

    my husband and I,are coming in may 2017 at budapest and we are interested in visiting 3d gallery.

    Could you please advise entrance fee for both and opening hours.



  5. Cristian says:

    Hello, where in Budapest can I find ATMs from which I can withdraw euros with a non-Hungarian debit card issued in euros? Thank you.

  6. Rebecca Franks says:

    How are most buildings constructed in Budapest. More specifically, are buildings well insulated. I live in China now, where cinder block and no insulation is the norm. As a result, winters are very cold inside because buildings don’t retain any heat. Just wondering if it’s different there.

  7. Keith Gay says:

    What is a customary tip for transport from a river cruise boat to the airport in Budapest? Also how much should one tip for wheelchair assistance at the airport? Of course I am asking for tips given in Hungarian currency.

    • Budapest Guide says:

      This is valid for EU citizens or EEA citizens. In other words, the UK isn’t really included in this anymore, meaning that you should pay for your ticket. You can try to ask a controller or a ticket office if you see one, maybe they will say something else, but based on the rules, I would say that you need a ticket if you come from the UK.

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