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We have a metro map already online, but if you are looking for a transportation map with more than just metro lines, this is the right place. On these maps you can find trams, buses, metros and so on. They are big and with a high resolution, but if you zoom in, you will hopefully be able to find what you are looking for.

Ps: These maps are a bit outdated as have been commented earlier… for up-to-date maps which should be 100% up to date visit the updated Pest transportation map or the Buda transportation map. If you have questions concerning public transportation, visit the Budapest forum and ask your question there.

An older public transportation map for Budapest

Budapest transportation map
Budapest transportation map


10 thoughts on “Transportation maps

  1. Budapest Guide says:

    That is so true! Thank you for the link and the help to keep the information as up to date as possible. Unfortunately the site you are referring to is at time “hard-to-use” for people with little or no Hungarian skills, but for sure much better than anything! Will try to refresh this page with some newer public transportation maps as well within shortly!

  2. Caroline Meilak says:

    May I kindly ask from where exactly is the pick up for the bus 100E from the International Airport to arrive at the centre of Budapest, Astoria M? Also can you please guide me from where is the departure of the Danube river cruise?

    • Budapest Guide says:

      The bus stops in front of the Burger King at Astoria if you travel from the Airport towards the city. It first stops at Kalvin Ter, then at Astoria, and the final stop is at Deak square, just before it reaches Kiraly utca. If you use the bus to travel back to the airport, the only place to get on the bus is at the Elisabeth square (Deak Square), in front of the tourist office there.

        • Budapest Guide says:

          Only the CHristmas market by the St. Stephen’s Basilica. The dates for the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square are still not announced (and I have no clue why, it is very annoying).

    • Budapest Guide says:

      We still don’t have any 100% information about exactly which trams will be decorated with Christmas lights, nor when. We do know they are supposed to travel between December 1 and January 7 in the evenings, but we don’t know any more concrete information than that.

    • Budapest Guide says:


      The trams are traveling every evening in the city center of Budapest right now. If you walk around Deak Square, Astoria, Fövam ter, or along the Danube, it is actually impossible not to see them. So, that is my best advice as of now!

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