Flood in Budapest

You have probably heard the news that the Danube and other rivers in Europe are flooding at the moment. In what way might this influence your visit to Budapest?

For most tourists the fact that the Danube is flooding will not influence your stay very much. Life goes on as normal for most people, of course with some exceptions. The Danube is supposed to peak on Sunday/Monday, but already now the water levels are very high. Because of the high water levels the road on both the Pest and the Buda side next to the Danube is standing under water. This will require all drivers to choose other roads, which again will lead to increased traffic and lots of jams in areas and on roads near the Danube. If possible, use public transportation instead.

Most river cruises in Budapest are cancelled in the coming days, because boats will have problems traveling under the bridges because of the amount of water in the Danube.

Hotel guests at the Margaret Island are moved to other hotels, because the idyllic island in the middle of the Danube is very threatened by the flood.

The metro stop Batthyany ter is closed. The metro line is still running, but this stop on the Buda side is closed for passengers.

Except from these things life goes on as normal, and if you are in Hungary and Budapest on June 8th, why not join us on our amazing new wine trip to Eger?

Below you can find a picture from the flood from Pinterest.

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  1. Budapest Guide says:

    Hello Carol,

    luckily everything is back to normal in Budapest already, which again means that all river cruises and other activity on the Danube in Budapest is back to normal. If you want to book a river cruise in Budapest we can help you as well. More information at this page.

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