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Aszú étterem, known as Aszú restaurant, is closely related to the wine region of Tokaj, and that is where it has received its name from. It is a gourmet restaurant in the heart of Budapest, very close to the St. Stephans Basilica and other attractions in Budapest.

At the Aszú restaurant in Budapest, you will get served food that not only tastes good, it also looks good. The chefs do a brilliant job preparing the meals, and you can feel it in your mouth as you taste the bites that this is quality. The prices are also after that, so the prices of the main courses in Aszu are between 3000-5000 HUF in general. The price for a glass of wine is between 1000-2000 HUF normally.

We have been to this restaurant ourselves, and we really enjoyed the food we ate and based on that we can also recommend it warmly to our visitors. They have quite famous Hungarian dishes on the menu, such as Goulash soup and Paprica chicken, so if you want Hungarian food at its best, this could be a good option. If you want a table reservation in Aszu, go to our table reservation page (that is, of course, free). If you want to eat high-class Hungarian on the other side of the street instead, visit Rezkakas.

Aszu restaurant Budapest

Sas utca 4, 1051 Budapest

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Useful Aszu information.

  • Aszu is one of the few restaurants in Budapest that is open on December 24th.
  • Aszu is open on December 31st but then operates with a special menu.

Awards won by Aszu

The restaurant has won several awards. Here you can see some of them.

  • Travellers’Choice Awards winner on Tripadvisor in 2022.
  • Certificate of Excellence Winner on Tripadvisor in 2022.
  • Certificate of Excellence Winner on Restaurant Guru in 2022.
  • Best Interior in Budapest Winner on Restaurant Guru in 2022.

Aszu restaurant pictures

Aszu Budapest
Aszu Budapest
Aszu interior
Interior of Aszu restaurant
Aszu restaurant
Delicious trout on the plate

Have you been there? How did you like it? Feel free to write a comment and share your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “Aszu restaurant

    • Budapest Guide says:

      A gluten free diet should be no problem. I can not guarantee the vodka, but I do believe they should have some Vodka available, even though wine is for sure the main focus of the restaurant!

    • Budapest Guide says:

      normally Aszu is running with a standard menu during Christmas, meaning that there is no set menu, you just order ala carte from a menu. At New Years Eve the restaurant run with a set menu, but for Christmas itself they have an open menu. But, hurry up to reserve a table, because they get fully booked quite early, especially on December 24th.

  1. O’Byrne Dan says:

    We had an excellent dinner there last night, soup, steak tartare, beets over risotto, and chicken were all excellent. Waitress Barbie recommended a really good red and it’s a beautiful room. Highly recommend it.

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