Liberty Square

Liberty Square
Liberty Square

Many tourist pages and books do not write so much about this square, though it is one of the most beautiful places for some quietness, peace, and a cup of coffee during the spring and summer. What makes this square so special are the buildings surrounding it, and the size of the park that is in the middle of the square.

At the Liberty Square you can find several buildings; the Hungarian National Bank, the American Embassy, the former Hungarian State Television (MTV), and several other buildings. In the middle of the square, you can find the only monument from communism left at its original place in Budapest (the rest has been moved to the Statue Park, just outside the city). At the monument, you can see a text giving praise and thanks to the Communist troops for saving the Hungarians from the Germans (the Communists “ordered” the statue, while the Hungarians had to pay).

In 2006 this was the scene for some political rebellion, as people unsatisfied with the government and the Prime Minister tried to invade the Hungarian State Television to demand the resignation of the Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány.

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What to do at Liberty Square today?

Many tourists walk across this popular square as they walk from the St. Stephen’s Basilica to the Hungarian Parliament (or in the other direction). It is beautifully located in the center of Budapest, near restaurants, and very nice hotels.

Is there anything to do at the actual square? Yes!

There are several playgrounds at the square, making it ideal for families with children who want to let the kids have fun and play in between the sightseeing programs. There is also a funny fountain at the square. Here kids can run through the water and experience how the water stops coming if they get close enough. Believe me, your kids will love it!

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The square has a giant underground parking lot beneath, meaning it is also a convenient place to park your car for some hours while walking up and down the streets of Budapest.

There is a very nice cafe and restaurant in the middle of the square. Here you can drink a cup of coffee, have a cold beer, or maybe eat some lunch. There are big green areas where you can sit down in the grass and bring your own picnic, and if you want to learn more about Hungarian money, it is possible to visit the Hungarian National Bank.

The square is a popular venue for festivals and sports events. There are annual beer festivals at the square, sausage festivals, and wine festivals, and it is also used for showing football matches on gigantic screens during large events such as the FIFA World Cup and the European Championship in Football.

watching football at the Liberty Square in BUdapest