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Do you wonder what is going on in Budapest? Here you can find a list presenting all the events currently taking place in Budapest and also future events coming up in Budapest.

Look at the list for information about exhibitions, concerts, festivals and other special and interesting events in Budapest. If you feel like there are to much information on this page, we also have special pages dedicated to concerts in Budapest, exhibitions in Budapest, festivals in Budapest and other happenings in Budapest. Click the links for more information on the subjects, or see the full list of ongoing and future events and concerts and exhibitions in Budapest further down on this page.

Ongoing and future events in Budapest

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General information about the months in Budapest

Maybe you don’t find what you are looking for in the calendar. Here you can find some general information that might be useful as you plan your trip to Budapest.

Budapest in January

January is a cold month and after the Christmas markets close on January 1st (that is when they normally close), it is time for a very quiet period in the Hungarian capital. No big festivals are taking place this month, and it is a very cheap month to visit the city due to many free rooms. A good piece of advice if you come to Budapest in January is to live in a nice and central hotel, maybe with a pool and a sauna where you can heat up after a cold day outside.

Mangalica festival in Budapest

Budapest in February

While February is still a winter month, this is the first month when Hungarians start to plant seeds in the soil. On some days, you can almost feel like spring is around the corner, making February a nice month (at least on some days). In February, the annual Mangalica festival is arranged (the Hungarian hairy-pig). However, due to lack of tourists, hotel rooms can be booked at really low prices, and you can mostly book a free table in any restaurant just a few hours before you need the actual reservation.

Budapest in March

March is the first actual spring month, and it can be a really nice time to visit Hungary. There shouldn’t be any snow, and it can actually get quite hot (meaning you don’t need a big jacket and so on). Depending on the time of Easter, you will most likely be able to enjoy the spring festival and also the opening of the Easter market in this month, but if not, it will for sure be there in April.

Easter market in Budapest

Budapest in April

April is a month with a spring festival, spring market (Easter market), with the International Book Festival, and hopefully, very nice weather. In other words, a perfect choice of month if you want to come to Budapest before the mass-invasion starts in May. However, make sure to book your favorite activities on time, because it can get crowded and fully booked at times.

Budapest in May

May is an ideal month for those who want to enjoy Budapest in nice weather, without sweating all the time (like they normally will in both June, July, and August). That is why lots of people and also larger groups come to Budapest in May, and conferences are held frequently in this period. If you come in May, make sure to book a nice river cruise with food in the evening, a perfect way to end a nice day in the Hungarian capital. This is also the month of the annual Gourmet Festival.

Budapest in June

When June arrives, the Hungarians start to prepare for their summer holiday. They then travel to Lake Balaton, and that is why the traffic is lighter, and it can be quite nice to travel around in Budapest. But, it can get really hot, so make sure to book an air-conditioned room.

There are no big festivals in Budapest in June, but people are often walking outdoors until late at night, and you will find crowds every evening in front of the popular ruin-pubs around town.

Budapest in July

July is the month which welcomes the festival summer in Hungary. In this month, the Balaton Sound is arranged in Zamardi, and the Volt Festival is arranged in Sopron (close to Austria). It is also the month of the annual Formula 1 race (normally the last Sunday in July or the first Sunday in August). It can get very hot in July, so be prepared and make sure to book a hotel room with air-conditioning included.

Formula 1 in Budapest

Budapest in August

The last summer month is amazing in Budapest. It might get too warm at times, but still, this is the month of the Formula 1 race (in some years), and it is also the month of the Sziget Festival, the most popular festival in Hungary every year. If you come to Budapest in August and want to swim, the Palatinus bath at Margaret Island can be warmly recommended.

Budapest in September

September is when the parents and smaller businesses come to Budapest. After a long summer, they want to get a good start on the autumn in Budapest. In other words, this is a month of conference tourism. It is also ideal for wine lovers, and in September the annual Wine Festival at the Castle Hill is arranged.

The International Wine Festival in Budapest

Budapest in October

October is possibly one of the nicest months in Budapest. The temperatures are nice and you can stroll around in the city with a t-shirt and shorts. However, if you are unlucky, it is windy and raining, giving you a very different experience.

In October, it is harvest time for grapes, making it a nice month for wine excursions, and it is also the month for festivals such as the Chimney Cake, and also for the Pig Slaughter and Sausage festival.

Budapest in November

November is a nice month to visit Budapest. It is still not the big rush before Christmas, and thus the hotel rooms are still very cheap. It can be quite nice weather, but if you are unlucky, it can also be freezing cold. However, the Christmas markets in Budapest normally open up early in November, making it a nice month to visit for those who want to do the Christmas shopping early and see the Hungarian capital without paying too much for it.

christmas market by st stephens basilica
The Christmas market by the St. Stephens Basilica – Source

Budapest in December

December is the number one Christmas market month, and maybe surprising, but it is one of the busiest months every year. Lots of people come to celebrate pre-Christmas in Budapest, to go to the Christmas markets, and eat nice dinners. That is why this is one of the busiest months for us working with tourists, and we do guided tours and arrange private airport transfers and similar activities very often. In other words, book such activities as early as possible!

Most people leave Budapest before Christmas Eve, but it is also getting more and more popular to actually reside in Budapest for Christmas. If you come around December 24th, be aware of the fact that most places are closed from lunchtime on December 24th until December 27th. There are a few restaurants open, but if you want a table in these, book a table as early as possible!

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