Folkdance in Hungary

Are you interested in Hungarian folk dance, often referred to as Folklore? There are many dance ensembles in Hungary that specialize in folklore, and now you have the chance to see it with your own eyes. Not only is a folklore show a perfect way to see what traditional Hungarian dancing is like. It will also let you hear traditional Hungarian music, rhythms, and songs, simultaneously pleasing your eyes and ears.

How can you be a part of a folklore show in Budapest?

The folklore show is available every evening on the Danube. If you buy tickets for a dinner cruise, you will get a full package including a buffet dinner, live music, and a folklore performance. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Would you like to check the prices and possibly book a ticket today?

Use the form below to reserve your tickets, which need to be picked up latest 30 minutes before the performance starts at the actual day.

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