The Labyrinth has recently been named “One of the World’s 7 Underground Wonders” and it sure is a nice place to visit. During hot summer days it brings refreshment from the heat and during the winter it brings heat and protection from the cold wind from the Danube.

The Labyrinth was reconstructed in 1996/1997 and it has been regiven its original look, and you almost get the feeling that you are walking around in a real labyrinth. The Labyrinth is more than 4000m2, and it has different tours and trips, for example, the “Personal Labyrinth”, the “Labyrinth of Love”, the “Prehistoric”, the “Historical Labyrinths”, the “Labyrinth of an Other-World” and the “Labyrinth of Courage”.

Labyrinth of Buda Castle

Fees: 3000 Forint
Address: 1014 Budapest, Úri u. 9

Labyrinth pictures