Attractions in Budapest
Attractions in Budapest

Many people call the city the Paris of the Eastern Europe, and it is not without reason. Several million people come to the city every year to enjoy many things, and one of them is the magnificent architecture of the many buildings.

Hungarys history has been one of many wars and lots of struggling, and due to this, many buildings and memories have been destroyed, but luckily, not all! Still there is lot to see, and here you will be introduced to beauties such as the Parliament, the bridges of Budapest, the Castle area, the Heroes Square with its museums, the St. Stephen’s Basilica and many more. Just pick from the menu to the left! Under every sight you will find information about opening times, entrance fees and other useful information.

There are some things that you do not only have to see, but also experience. Such a place is the Szechényi Termal Bath. Find out more about what to do, at the “What to do“-page.

Attractions in Budapest:

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