Akvarium is a very popular located in Budapest for a drink, a concert, and for hanging out with friends in a very nice environment. It is located in the very heart of Budapest, only a few hundred meters from the Vörösmarty square and at the intersection where the yellow, blue, and red metro lines meet.

If we go back 30 years in time, the location of Akvarium was reminding more of a sump. As it was fixed, a new location opened at the spot and it was called Gödör Klub, which can be translated to Sump Club. Those days are now over, and as you visit the same location today, you will visit Akvarium Klub.

As you already understand, the location is perfect. Consequently, most people walk by this place while in Budapest, even if they never intended to visit it. Even though it isn’t a giant concert venue with thousands of seats, it still attracts top artists such as Callum Scott, Kevin Morby, Amy Macdonald, and many others.

akvarium Klub Budapest

Akvarium isn’t only good for music. This is a perfect place for eating a Caesar Salad, a Beef Burger, or some other delicious dish combined with tasty drinks. In other words, you can easily use this as your location for a good lunch or dinner.

Akvarium Klub

Address: 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12.
Transport: Deak Tér (metro line 1, 2, 3)

The club has an indoor area, but most of it is located outside. That makes it ideal for outdoor eating on a nice spring day, or enjoying life outside until late at night on a hot summer day.