Restaurants on New Years Eve in Budapest

Fireworks in BudapestNew Years Eve is a special evening, and several people want to celebrate it in a nice restaurant somewhere, with nice music, delicious food and great people. We have received several questions lately concerning where people should go, so therefore we wrote this article with information and advices. We will list up some restaurants and the offers they have for New Years Eve, and then you can decide what restaurant you want to visit in Budapest on New Years Eve. Do not forget to book your table beforehand, and if you want some help, just send us an email, and we will do it for you!

Karpátia Restaurant
They will have gipsy music playing Hungarian folk music and famous songs in the evening, and at 23.00 they will have a 30 minutes folklore event. After midnight there will be dance music played and the guests will have the possibility to dance. The visitors can choose between two menus:

1) Duck liver pâté with smoked trout from Szilvásvárad, Calvados-scented green apple chutney, Sweet potato cappuccino, Grilled pikeperch, morel mushroom filled with light cottage cheese soufflé, tender paprika sauce, Mint-raspberry sorbet, Crispy piglet French racks, noodles roasted with cabbage and wrapped with bacon, sweet onion compote

2) Venison saddle and potato roulade filled with prunes and chestnuts, with roasted vegetables and piquant glace, Almond-chocolate cake with cinnamon-caramel mousse and Goat cheese platter

Price: 110 Euro pr. person, and 10% tip will be added to the bill

Pampas Steakhouse
They will not arrange any special arrangement, but will have their normal menu and the restaurant will be open until 24:00.

Sir Lancelot
They will have normal menus until 21:00, but from then their special New Years Eve program will start. They will have plates of food for two people, three people, four people and for six people. During the evening the guests will experience renaissance live music, fakir belly dancing and more surprises.

Price: 18.000 Ft,- pr. Person

Full program and menu can be downloaded in this pdf-file.

Gundel Restaurant
In Gundel the guests are accepted from 19:30 in the evening. In the start George Lakatos and his band will play gipsy music, from 22:00 there will be a special New Years Eve program with operette singers, professional singers and a magician, followed by dance music from 23:00. Around midnight there will be fireworks, the Hungarian national song, clinking of glasses and welcoming the New Year.

Price: 53.500 Ft,- per person (around 205 Euro per person)

Mátyás Pince
In Mátyás Pince the guests can enjoy gipsy music with Attila Vadász and a folklore and operetta show. They have two different menus and the guests can choose between the two of them.

1) Smoked Trout of Szalajkavölgy in a Honey- Mustard Seasoned Salad – bed, Pheasant Consommé with Julienne Boiled Vegetables, Grilled Goose Liver with Fried Apple, Cranberry and Mushroom – Rice, Lemon sorbet, Tenderloin Filet with Green Pepper Sauce and Spicy Potatoes.

2) Cold Goose Liver in it’s Own Fat with Roasted Onions of Makó, Consommee with Quail Egg, Fillets of Pike-Perch from Lake Balaton with Dill – Schrim Sauce, Lemon sorbet and Larded Deer Fillet with Forrest Mushroom Sauce, Potato Croquettes and bacon Rolled Green Beans

Price: 26.000 Ft,- (100 Euro) pr. person.

Trófea Grill
The restaurant where you can eat from buffet table and eat and drink as much as you want offers live music with the Véra Tóth, special meals prepared for the New Years Eve and opening times from 20:00-05:00. They have loads of different food, so this is a safe bet for everyone, since they for sure will find something they like.

Price: 20.000 Ft,- pr. person.

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