Day-trip to Bratislava

Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle

Why not visit another European capital while visiting Budapest? Bratislava is located only 200km from Budapest and the city has a very interesting old-town and a castle area with a great view towards the Danube. Read more about Bratislava at

If you would like to go on a day trip to Bratislava our driver will pick you up at your Budapest hotel in the morning, take you to Bratislava where you will have 6-7 hours to look around, before you are transported safely back to Budapest in the afternoon/evening.

Prices for the day trip to Bratislava:
2-3 persons: 90,000 HUF
4-7 persons: 105,000 HUF

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16 thoughts on “Day-trip to Bratislava

  1. What would be the cost in U.S. dollars for 3 individuals to take this trip?

  2. The price for three persons is 65,000 HUF or in USD (with the rates of June 27th, 2012) 285 USD.

  3. How much would it cost for 7 people to take this trip?

  4. The price for seven persons is 105,000 HUF.

  5. 7 Days visit to Bratislava cost including air ticket ?

  6. Sorry, but we can only help with day trips to Bratislava from Budapest!

  7. You gave me a price of $285 U.S. dollars.Is that perperson?

  8. Dear Joyce, the price is the total price for three persons 🙂

  9. How much would it cost for 5 persons to take this trip? How can I book this trip? I planed to take this trip on 13-04-2013.
    Where is the place that you will pick us at Budapest (or at our hotel)? Would you please kindly reply me? I just strat to manage my trip so I have no idea about it
    Thx u

  10. Hello, if you want a trip to Bratislava you will be picked up at your hotel in the morning around 9.00. Normally you will be picked up around 18.00 in Bratislava again and taken back to Budapest. The price for 5 persons is 90,000 HUF.

    If you want to book the trip send us an email (information – contact us) and we will do the arrangements!

  11. We will be in Budapest between the 7=11th. We would like to take a trip on the 10th. Can you send us more information? It will just the two of us. Thank you!

  12. Hi, How much would it cost for 3 persons to go on this trip in GBP? thank you

  13. Can you take a 7 year old child on these day trips?

  14. No problem to bring a seven year old. The driver will arrange with child seat when that is needed!

  15. We are 5 people and we would like to go to bratislava. just one question would the sight seeing out there be included? and how much for 5 people?

    1. Dear Pooja,

      the price for a day trip to Bratislava is 90,000 HUF for three persons (appx. 300 Euro). In this price the private transfer to Bratislava is included, but no activities or sightseeing in the town of Bratislava. In other words you will have to arrange the program in Bratislava for yourself, we only arrange with the transfer to and from (drop off point will be in the heart of Bratislava, by the old-town).

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