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      Here are some of the top streaming services for new list free movie streaming sites releases:

      Netflix – Netflix frequently releases original movies that debut directly on the streaming service. They also license recent theatrical movies that are sometimes available within a few months of theatrical release.

      Hulu – Hulu has deals with many major studios to stream new releases, generally within a few months after theaters. Selection varies but includes titles from Disney, Fox, Universal, and more.

      Amazon Prime Video – Amazon produces its own original films and also licenses movies from studios to stream within a few months after theatrical release.

      HBO Max – Owned by Warner Bros, HBO Max gets all new Warner Bros movies to stream the same day they premiere in theaters. This includes major releases.

      Disney+ – Disney’s service is home to all recent Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars films to stream after their initial theatrical and home media release windows. Typically 6 months or less after theaters.

      Apple TV+ – Apple has landed exclusive streaming rights to some big studio movies within the first pay-1 window, so within 3-4 months after theaters. Selection is smaller than Netflix/Hulu.

      Showtime, Starz, etc – Premium cable channels sometimes license blockbuster movies to stream within months of theatrical release as part of their on-demand libraries.

      So Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video likely have the largest selections overall for new releases within a few months of theaters. HBO Max offers same-day streaming for all Warner Bros. films though.

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