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  1. Does anyone know anything about some murals on castle hill? They are very old and near the President’s Palace. I would love to read about the history of them and the images they represent. but I can’t find any pictures or information about them except the few pictures I took.

    • Hello! It is possible to use card in 80% of all places in Budapest, so a card is mostly enough, but some cash is always useful, because if you bump into one of those 20% places in which no card is accepted then you can still pay, and some cash can always be useful. But, if you want to skip changing or converting money, then a card will mostly do in Budapest!

    • It all depends on how much you plan on spending. if you are on a budget you could easily get by with 20 Euro, but if you plan on eating a nicer dinner, go shopping and actually spend some money I would at least bring 150 Euro. But again, it all depends on how much you actually want to spend on eating and on shopping!

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