Coldplay is coming to Budapest very soon!

coldplay budapest

In six days, Coldplay will be at the stage in Puskas Arena to play in front of nearly 60,000 fans in Budapest. This isn’t going to happen only once, but three times. We know that there will be thousands of people coming to Budapest from abroad for this event, and that isn’t strange, seeing that there will be extremely few Coldplay concerts in Europe this summer.

Before coming to Budapest, Coldplay is performing twice in Bucharest in Romania, and after they finish their concerts in Budapest, the band will take a break before they will travel to Rome where the band will have five concerts at the Olympic Stadium. When the band is finished in Rome, they will travel to Dusseldorf in Germany, Helsinki in Finland, Munich in Germany, and then to Vienna in Austria, before the band says goodbye and will leave Europe.

If you want to be there at Puskas Arena, then you can find more information about the concert at our page about the upcoming Coldplay concerts in Budapest.

We have a fantastic summer coming up, and later Ed Sheeran will come to the Hungarian capital as well. Taylor Swift is also out touring Europe, but unfortunately, she will not come to Budapest. But if you are eager to see her live, then you can see her live at Ernst-Happel Stadium in Vienna, a location that can be reached in only 2 1/2 hours if you drive from Budapest.

You can read more about all sorts of concerts in Budapest right here.

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