Is a Brunch Cruise on the Danube a good idea?


A few months ago, one of the companies arranging boat trips on the Danube in Budapest launched a new trip called a “Brunch Cruise.” On this trip, you can enjoy a brunch on the boat while enjoying the views of Budapest from inside the boat, or from the terraces on the boat. Is it a good idea? Should you consider a boat trip on the Danube with brunch as you come to Budapest?

How does it work? How long does the boat trip last? What can you eat? Are drinks included? You might have many questions, and here we will share what we have learned about the trip based on our own experience.

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What is the brunch trip on the Danube like?

The trip takes place on a very traditional and elegant boat on the Danube. It is a big boat, so you will have plenty of space, and the interior makes you feel like you are on an old-fashioned boat, while keeping it elegant and nice. All tables have easy access to the windows, and there are also seats outside on both sides of the boat which makes it ideal to sit outside in the sun or to go out to make photos of popular sights such as the Hungarian Parliament, the beautiful bridges of Budapest, the castle, and all the other sights you will see during the trip.

This might change in the future, but currently you can arrive at the boat from 10:30. You will then be escorted to a table, and you can immediately start serving yourself from the brunch buffet. The boat stays by the pier until 12:00, meaning that if you arrive at 11:45, you can still get onboard and eat from the buffet. At 12:00, the boat leaves the pier and you can enjoy the beautiful attractions along the Danube for approximately one hour before you arrive back and the trip is finished at 13:00.

It is recommended to arrive early, because then you will mostly be finished with your eating before the boat trip starts, and you can feel more relaxed and simply enjoy the spectacular view as the boat leaves the pier.

What’s included in the program?

Everyone gets a welcome drink upon arrival, either a glass of champagne or a glass of orange/apple juice. You will later get one more drink served at the table. Beyond this, there is a bar in the boat where you can order whatever drink you might be interested in during the rest of the trip. There is also an option in which you include unlimited Prosecco, so if you feel really thirsty, then that is an option worth considering.

You can eat as much as you want from the brunch buffet throughout the entire trip (from 10:30-13:00). In the buffet you will find eggs in many variations (scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, sunny-side-up eggs, and more), there are traditional Hungarian creams made of cottage cheese, all sorts of jams, vegetables, chicken liver paté, a wide selection of cheeses, ham, salami, fruits, and sweet pastries, and even including pancakes.

The pictures above should give you a slight feeling about what you can choose from, but there are even more things you can eat during the brunch cruise and there might be changes from time to time, so these should just give you an idea of what you can expect if you decide to try a boat trip trip on the Danube with brunch once.

They also try to make the trip more entertaining for children by having a pirate onboard. He doesn’t do a lot, but sometimes he walks around, speaks with the kids, and it is possible to make pictures together with the pirate and more.

What will I see from the boat during this trip?

The boat starts from the Chain Bridge (very close to the bridge) and travels towards the Margaret Bridge first. You will then get a fantastic view of the Parliament, the Margaret Bridge, and also the Castle, the Matthias Church, the Fishermen’s Bastion and more along the way. As you reach the Margaret Bridge the boat turns around and travel to the most southern bridge in Budapest. Along the way you will pass under beautiful bridges, you will see the Gellert Hill, the Grand Market Hall, the Gellert hotel, the Technical University, the National Theatre, the Palace of Arts, the athletics arena (where the World Championships was arranged in 2023), and much more.

Above you can see some pictures we made during our brunch trip on the Danube in May 2024.

Can we recommend a boat trip on the Danube with brunch?

We tried this trip and came with fairly high expectations. It is easy to be disappointed when you come with high expectations, but mostly, the trip was one we can warmly recommend. There is plenty of food to choose from, and they are constantly refilling the buffet as something gets empty. In other words, it might be that you will have to wait for some minutes for some scrambled eggs if you are unlucky, but you don’t have to worry, because more is coming throughout the trip.

The selection of sweet pastry is ideal for those who want an easier breakfast (or kids), and the pancakes were a big hit.

The weather was beautiful (as always in beautiful), and even though we have been on lots of trips on the Danube, the city never fails to impress. The city is beautiful, so anyone coming to Budapest should go on a boat trip on the Danube. But, it isn’t enough to travel on the Danube once. It is recommended to do it once during daytime and once during nighttime. And as a daytime cruise, the option in which you combine breakfast and lunch while enjoying the splendors of Budapest is a great idea!

How much does it cost? Where can I buy my ticket?

The price for adults for such a trip is approximately €55, while the children price is €39. Children under the age of 6 can travel for free. You can book the trip through our booking page, or you can also use pages such as GetYourGuide to book the trip through them.

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If you consider the fact that you get a very nice combination of breakfast and lunch and a stunning view of Budapest at the same time, this is a program worth the money. It is also a bonus that the boat is elegant and has lots of space, something boosting the experience even more.

If you have comments, questions, or any feedback, please use the comment field below and let us hear from you!

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