Concerts near Budapest (Metallica, Simply Red, Tina Turner and more)

Metallica in BudaőestSince 2009 started we have started to write some small articles about upcoming events and concerts in major cities not to far from Budapest. So far we are featuring cities such as Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Munich. And since we started with this, we have realized that quite a lot of hot-shots skip Budapest on their tours. For example Tina Turner will have two concerts in Vienna and four in Munich in February, but she will not even cross the border to enter into Hungary. Metallica will also perform in Vienna and Munich, but not in Budapest. The same is the fact when it comes to Il Divo.

So far the thing these artists have in common is that they do not visit Bratislava or Prague either. But arists such as Simply Red and Eagles visit Prague as well, but not Budapest, neither Bratislava.

Well, maybe Budapest is not yet such a world city… some more years to wait before everyone comes to Hungary as well, but things are improving so we look with great expectations into the future!

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