The ten coolest family activities in Budapest according to ChatGPT!

ChatGPT is a machine that answers questions you have. The information and data is based on information gathered by the bot online. Even though it sounds stupid, ChatGPT gives very good answers to many questions. That is why we decided to ask ChatGPT, which are the coolest family activities in Budapest. The answers weren’t bad, even though many suggested programs might be more interesting for adults than kids.

Our question to ChatGPT was simple: Which are the ten coolest activities for families in Budapest?

the coolest family activities in BUdapest according to ChatGP

Above, you can read the answers provided by ChatGPT. Let us take a closer look at them one by one. If you are looking for information about family programs in Budapest, this article will be helpful regardless of whether we agree with ChatGPT.

1. Visit the Hungarian Parliament Building and take a guided tour.

The first suggestion is to visit the Hungarian Parliament and take a guided tour. This is definitely a nice program, but it is boring if the kids are young. If they are teenagers who care more about Instagram and TikTok than architecture, it will be boring as well. But if you are lucky enough to have kids who enjoy beautiful buildings and history, a guided tour of the Hungarian Parliament is a great activity.

hungarian parliament

2. Explore the Hungarian State Opera House and attend a performance.

If your teenagers didn’t revolt during their trip to the Parliament building, they will surely do so if you take them to the opera. The building is beautiful and it is easy to see that it was built with many similarities to the Parliament building. It is one thing to look at the building, another thing to dress up in nice clothes to listen to people shouting/screaming (at least that is what kids and teenagers think they do) for hours.

It might be worth considering but experience tells us that most kids will find an evening in the opera to be wasted time.

3. Take a scenic Danube River cruise and admire the city skyline.

This was the first of the suggestions that we believe is recommended for families in Budapest. River cruises are available from morning until evening, and children and adults enjoy these trips. Some are available with an audio guide, while other tours are more about looking out the window while eating and drinking. There are no waves on the Danube, so there is no action on such a trip. Still, kids and teenagers will enjoy such a program due to the beautiful scenery and the fact that they can walk around during the program. You can read more about different river cruises in Budapest here.

4. Visit the thermal baths, such as the Gellért Baths or Rudas Baths.

Once again a wonderful suggestion from ChatGPT that we 100% agree with. The thermal baths might sound like a program for pensioners, but that is a false assumption. Everyone loves thermal baths, especially those with outdoor pools available. Even though no slides and action activities are available in the thermal baths, they are still easy to enjoy. In other words, thermal baths are a sure winner among families. Szechenyi is our favorite and can be seen in most photos online.

Szechenyi thermal bath

5. Walk around the historic castle district and visit Buda Castle.

This might be a nice program, at least if you spice it up with ice cream, Goulash soup, cold drinks, the labyrinth under the castle area, and then buy some more snacks here and there. The castle district isn’t very interesting for kids, but if you take your kids to the Fishermen’s Bastion, they will surely enjoy the view. If they want more adrenaline, take them to the top of the Matthias church tower, and they will have one of the best views available in Budapest.

6. See the iconic Chain Bridge and take a stroll along the riverfront.

This is a nice and cheap program that you will finish within a few minutes. It is awesome to walk along the Danube in the evening, but it might be that kids will find it boring. Our best advice is to have a goal somewhere that makes it worth walking. What do we mean?

Why not say there is a chocolate museum next to the Parliament, and the best way to get there is by walking along the Danube until you reach the Parliament? The kids love chocolate, and you will love the view you can see while walking.

Or you can tell your kids there is a pancake house at Batthyany square on the Buda side. To get there, you need to walk across the Chain Bridge and walk to the north until you reach the square. They love pancakes, and you will love the view once again!

7. Visit the Hungarian National Museum and learn about Hungarian history and culture.

ChatGPT knows a lot, but it doesn’t understand the mentality of kids on holiday. Who travels to Budapest to learn more about Hungarian history and culture? You might have such a noble intention, but you can forget that your 12-year-old son or your 7-year-old kid yearns to learn about the history of Hungary. A tour guide with experience can spice up stories to make them more interesting for kids, but they will still be bored after five minutes. If you plan to visit this museum, you should leave your kids at home or find an incredible guide capable of keeping their attention for at least 10 minutes.

8. Take a trip to the famous Hungarian Zoo and Botanical Garden.

After a horrible stay in the National Museum, it is finally time to have some fun again. The zoo is a fantastic place for the entire family. Even if the kids don’t like to read all the posters with information, they will still have fun taking photos and looking at the lions, elephants, and gorillas. The zoo covers a big area, meaning you can spend hours walking around. When needed, you can take a break and eat some snacks. You should also remember that the zoo is in a fantastic area known as the City Park. This is probably the best area in Budapest for kids. Besides the zoo, you can visit the permanent circus, swim in the Szechenyi bath, and play ball and have fun in a gigantic park area.

zoo in budapest

9. Visit the largest indoor market in Budapest, the Great Market Hall.

This is another piece of advice that we support. It might not be extremely interesting, but this can become a big hit if you make some preparations. Tell your family that you are about to see who is the bravest in the family. Then you enter the Great Market Hall and buy all sorts of Hungarian products on the ground floor. Let them taste Hungarian sausage, greaves (tepertö), goose liver, jams, cheeses, and much more. You can also find many souvenirs on the market hall’s first floor. All in all, this is an interesting experience, and with some improvements and bravery from you, it can become even better.

10. Have fun at one of the many playgrounds and parks, such as City Park or Margaret Island Park.

We mentioned the City Park earlier, and this is very true. Families love the City Park and they love Margaret Island. Both areas are about running around, having fun, and discovering areas, and family-friendly activities are available in both locations. At Margaret Island, you have an outdoor water complex open during the summer. Here you have a big wave pool, slides, and many cool activities. There is a free mini-zoo at the island, you can borrow family bikes, and you can lie down in the grass and take a nap.

the margaret island is family friendly

Those were the suggestions from ChatGPT concerning family-friendly programs in Budapest. If you have read everything so far, you have probably gotten some ideas already. But which activities would we have added to the list initially if we had written it?

Some other activities worth considering for families coming to Budapest.

We have already mentioned the City Park, an area you should visit. Don’t just go to the thermal bath and the zoo, but visit the Circus. When you have had fun in the circus, find the giant playground at the other end of the city park. Here kids can play for hours while you drink coffee and enjoy the nice weather! Some might feel the temptation to visit the Museum of Ethnography, but you should probably forget that immediately. But you could walk to the Museum of Ethnography and climb up to the top of the building. It will give you a beautiful view, an activity both adults and children enjoy

You can walk up and down both sides of the museum.

Shopping is another great activity in Budapest. There are many shopping malls in the city and several have cool activities waiting for you inside (besides shopping). There is a mall named Campona where you have a big LEGO creation center and a Tropicarium (aquarium). Other malls have bowling yards and fantastic cinemas. Finding locations where you can have a go-kart competition is also possible. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?

Would you like some more ideas? Why don’t you visit the Szemlo cave or the Palvolgyi cave? The entire family can enjoy these fantastic caves with dripstones. These caves are a bit outside the main city center, so if you want an easier solution, visit the labyrinth beneath the castle instead.

Do not forget that food is important. Why don’t you visit some restaurants that the children will enjoy? Sir Lancelot is a medieval restaurant where food is served on giant plates. During the evening, there are sword battles and other programs taking place. Your kids will for sure love it. Would they be happy to drink some popular drinks and meals from the Harry Potter books/movies? The restaurant named The Magic, not far from the opera in Budapest, will be a giant success! Would your kids like to eat and drink a lot, without limits and without fearing that they spend too much money? Take them to Trofea Grill, where they can eat and drink without limits for a set price!

Do you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions? Use the comment field below!

Why is Vaj so crowded? We have been to Vaj in Budapest.

There are places you hear of because they get lots of reviews online. Then there are places you notice because they are always packed with people. That is how we first discovered Vaj. Every Sunday morning, we drove next to Vaj, and even on cold winter days, it was crowded both inside and outside. What’s the reason? Is it worth it?

First, vaj is a Hungarian word, and it means butter. Everyone in love with cooking and baking knows butter is an essential ingredient. What can you eat if you decide to visit Vaj?

As you enter the café/restaurant, you will quickly notice that they have all kinds of sandwiches, cakes and biscuits, and pizzas. As a result, this is a place where most people will find something they like, not only for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner.

In the picture, you can see examples of what we could eat during our visit. There were more sandwiches and sweets available, in addition to the pizzas, of which there is a wide selection. You can place your order at the desk. The food will either be given to you immediately, or you will receive an alert as the food is prepared.

During our stay, it was interesting to see that the person behind the desk only spoke English. In other words, we couldn’t use Hungarian to place our order, but we had to speak English. No problem for us, and it felt a bit exotic, but that is still an interesting phenomenon considering that many Hungarians only speak Hungarian.

pizza in vaj

There is a wide selection of pizza options in Vaj. This place is for those who like traditional Italian pizzas with an extremely thin crust. Would you rather have a thick crust? Go somewhere else, or eat something else.

Besides the fact that we prefer a thicker crust, the biggest problem with the pizza was the taste of the pizza sauce. For some reason, we didn’t like it at all. If we forget about the pizza, we enjoyed everything we ate in Vaj.

Is Vaj expensive?

Butter is quite an exclusive product (in Hungary). Most people use cheaper margarine instead. What about Vaj? It cannot be considered cheap, but it isn’t expensive either. It is quite average, meaning sandwiches cost around 2000 HUF, pizzas are priced between 3500-4000 HUF, and coffee and similar drinks cost between 1000-1500 HUF.

drinks in vaj

Are you need a place to meet friends while eating and drinking? Vaj is a perfect place for the purpose. It is close to Blaha Lujza square (red metro) and Rakoczi square (green metro). The popular tram lines 4&6 stop at both locations, making this a place easy to approach using public transportation.

Vaj Budapest information

Address: József körút 30-32, 1085 Budapest
Opening times: 7.00 – 20.00

Website: Facebook

Have you been to Vaj? Did you enjoy your stay? Write a comment below and share your thoughts!

Budapest Travel Tips in 2023.

Are you coming to Budapest in 2023? What should you do? What are the essentials that you must see? What are the things you can’t leave Budapest without eating and drinking? Here you will get helpful travel tips to help you prepare to visit Budapest.

Budapest is a city with approximately 2 million inhabitants. Since Hungary has a population of 10 million, it is easy to see that about 20% of the population lives within the borders of Budapest. These people see the beauties of fantastic attractions such as the Parliament, the Castle, the National Theater, the bridges, the Gellert Hill, and the Danube daily. They are so used to it that they quickly forget how beautiful the city is. But, when you come to discover the beauties of Budapest, you will see the city with different eyes and, hopefully, travel back home with fantastic memories.

Where should we start? We have so many recommendations. Before we write about what you should see and do, we will share general information about topics such as COVID, crime, the local currency, and more. Let’s get started!

Budapest Travel Tips in 2023.

2020 and 2021 were disastrous years for tourism in Budapest and Hungary. Many hotels and restaurants closed their doors, and the sad thing is that they haven’t opened since. Popular restaurants that have been landmarks in Budapest, such as Matyas Pince and Karpatia, fell victim to this period. Luckily, most restaurants and hotels were able to reopen, and 2022 showed us that life is returning to the streets of Budapest once again. It isn’t the same as before COVID, but it is getting closer.

When we all thought life was back to normal, Russia invaded Ukraine, and this caused more trouble. Many people criticize how the Hungarian government handled the crisis and its close relationship with Russia. For some reason, inflation levels in Hungary are far higher than elsewhere in Europe, making it even harder for ends to meet for families and businesses. This has caused prices of electricity, gas, food, and other products to increase greatly. If you compare the prices of simple products such as spaghetti and cheese, prices have increased by more than 100% between January 2022 and January 2023. As a result, food prices and hotel prices have increased a lot.

In the same period, the Hungarian Forint suffered compared to other European currencies. At the worst, you had to pay 440 HUF for 1 USD and 430 HUF for 1 EURO. It seems as if things are improving by the start of 2023, but it is hard to predict what lies ahead in 2023.

stephen's basilica in budapest

What does this mean for you and your trip to Budapest?


There is no need to worry about COVID-19 as you plan your trip to Budapest. You don’t need to wear a mask anywhere in Budapest (except for in hospitals). All programs are available as they were before COVID-19. Some people still wear masks in stores, but that is purely based on their own decision and not because they have to.

Prices and payment methods.

Prices in Hungary have increased a lot. But, compared to many countries in western parts of Europe, it is still relatively cheap to enjoy different programs in Budapest. The local currency is the preferred payment method everywhere, but most restaurants, hotels, and stores accept payments in euros. Even though you can pay with euros, it is wiser to pay with the local currency. Why is that? Using bad exchange rates for euro payments is normal, which results in you paying much more than you would if you used the local currency.

Crime in Hungary.

This isn’t something you need to worry about. The crime rate in Budapest isn’t higher than elsewhere, and it is normal to see police officers in the streets. If you take care of your valuables, you shouldn’t fall victim to anything. The city center of Budapest is a safe area, but it is always a good precaution to never walk alone in the darkness. Once again, Budapest is a safe city, and there is no need to worry. Take care of yourself and your valuables, use common sense, and everything should be okay.

The situation in Ukraine.

Hungary is a border country with Ukraine, and many Hungarians live on the Ukrainian side of the border. As the war started, tens of thousands of refugees came to Hungary (most of them traveled further on in the direction of Austria). Since then, this has calmed down, and as a tourist in Budapest, you will not notice any differences.

Should you bring an umbrella?

Hungary has a wonderful climate. Budapest seldom experiences temperatures below 0 Celsius in the winter, and spring arrives early. The summer can get very warm, and it is quite common to have 3-4 weeks with temperatures around 35 Celsius during the daytime in June, July, and August. It isn’t raining much in Hungary, and whenever it starts, it will normally end by the time you finish your coffee in a café.

The wisest thing, however, is to look at the weather forecast for Budapest before your trip and prepare accordingly.

Special events.

There are lots of events and concerts in Budapest. You can read more about different events in Budapest in our Budapest calendar. In 2023, some of the biggest highlights are the upcoming Christmas markets, the Sziget festival, and of course, the World Athletics Championships.

christmas markets in budapest


It is easy to travel in Budapest with the metro. You can see a metro map right here. The metro will take you to the most important areas. There are lots of buses and trams you can use as well, but if you plan on spending your days in the center of Budapest, you will not need those.

Budapest has many taxis if you need to get from A to B. A popular service for ordering taxis is Bolt (you can find the application in your app store), or you can order taxis via your hotel or restaurant. If possible, avoid jumping into taxis waiting on the street. These are often private taxi drivers who take heavily overpaid for rides.

Budapest Travel Tips – What to see?

Many of the beautiful attractions in Budapest are located along the Danube. Honestly, the Danube is an attraction in itself, and a river cruise on the Danube is one of the most popular activities you should experience. As you walk along the Danube or buy a ticket for a river cruise, you will see beautiful attractions such as the Gellert Hill (with the beautiful liberty statue on the top), the famous Gellert hotel, the National Theater, the Palace of Arts, the Castle, the Hungarian Parliament, the Margaret Island, and many other attractions. For some, it is enough to see these buildings and areas at a distance. If you want even more, you should go on a tour inside the Hungarian Parliament, buy a ticket for an event in the National theater, visit the National Gallery within the castle’s walls, and take a stroll on Margaret Island.

This might sound like a lot, and if you visit all these attractions in a day, you will be exhausted in the evening. But Budapest isn’t an extremely big city, so it is possible to walk around and discover all these attractions in one or two days. While walking between different locations, you will discover other beauties and gems. You should also take some breaks in cafés and bars where you taste local food and drinks to make the experience more authentic.

When you have finished discovering the attractions along the Danube, head to St. Stephen’s Basilica and walk from there to Heroes Square and the City Park. This will take you through other beautiful areas on the Pest side, and you will see famous buildings such as the Opera House along the way.

budapest eye

Budapest Travel Tips – What to do?

Enjoy a trip on the Danube.

Seeing beautiful architecture and standing amazed at the Danube panorama is one thing. Another thing is to join activities and programs in Budapest that will let you experience even more. We have already mentioned different tours on the Danube as one of the best activities available in Budapest. These are available throughout the year, from early morning until late evening. The evening tours are the most popular due to the fantastic illumination of the different buildings along the Danube after sunset.

Visit the Gellert Hill.

Another awesome experience in Budapest is visiting the top of Gellert Hill, where you can enjoy the most fantastic view of Budapest. The view is stunning, and the walk toward the top will strengthen your heart. The nicest way to get to the top is to walk from the Gellert Hotel towards the top or cross the Elisabeth bridge and climb the hill. It isn’t very steep, but you might need some breaks if you aren’t used to walking a lot.

Important to know if you want to visit the Gellert Hill in 2023.
Heavy construction work is currently taking place at the top of the Gellert Hill. As a result, it is very limited how much you can see and experience from the top. Ask the receptionist at your hotel whether it is possible to walk around the Citadella or not before you do the trip. If the construction work is still happening, you should find something else to do instead.

Travel to Szentendre.

Would you like to see more of Hungary than just Budapest? Szentendre is a fantastic city 30km north of Budapest. It is unlike all other Hungarian cities due to its architecture, making it feel more like a Greek village or something like that. Here you can also buy products from local artists and producers. Some will also enjoy the fact that you cannot find big stores of brands such as Zara and H&M in this city. The city center of Szentendre is all about the locals and the local products (and, of course, lots of souvenirs for tourists). If that sounds fun, we can assist you with trips to Szentendre, including transfer, short sightseeing, a visit to the local Marcipan museum, free time, a big wine tasting, and a three-course lunch. You can read more about the trip here.

Get some fresh air and use your legs.

This isn’t a traditional tip in a Budapest Travel Guide, but if you want to climb a tiny mountain in Budapest, you will find some only 10km from the city center. The area is called Budaörs, and here you can find stores such as IKEA, Auchan, and Decathlon. A very nice little walk is to climb a hill called Köhegy. At the top, you will find a chapel, a big cross, and a very nice view.

It isn’t easy to get here with public transportation. The coordinates for where you can start the trip are 47.466283,18.959811. You can walk to the top and either return on the same path or down the main stairs from the chapel and return on the normal road. The nearest bus stop is Templom tér, and you need to walk about 750 meters to get from the bus stop to the trip’s starting point.

Köhegy is a nice place to visit in Budaörs.

If you want something a bit more challenging, climb the Odvashegy. It isn’t a tough tour if you are used to walking, but for some, this will at least make their heart pump a little bit faster. The view from the top is beautiful!

It is ideal to start and end the trip from the coordinates 47.464846,18.938132. The nearest bus stop is called “Budafok városhaza,” and you must walk approximately 1000 meters from the bus stop to the trip’s starting point.

Odvashegy is a bit more challenging than Köhegy but fully possible for kids 5-6 years and older.

Eat and drink local food.

This is extremely important. Some would say that tasting the local cuisine is just as important as discovering the attractions of a city. When you come to Budapest, you better prioritize programs where you taste local food and drinks. The most famous food is the Hungarian Goulash soup, and if you travel home without tasting it, you cannot say with good conscience that you have been to Budapest. If you are a vegetarian, several restaurants serve “Fake Goulash,” the same soup without meat.

Hungarians like to make stews of all sorts, often served with homemade dumplings. The stews are often prepared with chicken, pork, or cow meat. There are incredibly tasty and very popular.

Hungary is a great place for sweets, and you should taste the local strudel variants.

It is possible to drink soft drinks in restaurants, but when you come, do not forget to taste the local drinks such as wine produced in Hungary, Unicum, Palinka (Hungarian fruit spirit), and everything Hungarian. We cannot guarantee that you will like everything you taste, but you will be one experience richer after tasting (making it worth the try).

You can read even more about what’s worth tasting in our article about the Christmas markets in Budapest.

local wine in hungary
Tokaj is Hungary’s most famous wine region, especially for its sweet white wines.

Don’t forget your swimsuit.

No matter when you come to Budapest, you should bring your swimsuit. Hungary is known for hot springs, ensuring guests can swim outside in warm water throughout the year. The most famous and popular thermal bath is the Szechenyi Thermal bath. Have you ever seen a picture of people playing chess in a pool in Budapest? Those pictures all originate from the Szechenyi thermal bath. There you can enjoy three outdoor pools and more than ten indoor pools. The water is full of minerals, making sure that you feel good and that it has a good effect on your body simultaneously.

If you want to visit a different thermal bath, you should consider the Rudas bath or the Gellert bath.


These are just a couple of tips for activities in Budapest. The list could go on if we included all the fantastic museums in Budapest and other opportunities. If you want more fun, activities such as the Labyrinth, the Palvolgyi dripstone cave, escape rooms, guided tours, hop-on-hop-off buses, VIP cinemas, shopping, fantastic fairs, and other programs can always be recommended.

Do you have any questions left?

We have tried to include lots of useful information in this short article with Budapest Travel Tips. If you have any questions left after reading this article, write them in the comment field below, and we will do our best to answer them.

Top events in Budapest in 2023

Budapest is a fantastic city, and it is worth visiting all year round. It fills your heart with joy to walk barefoot in the grass at Margaret Island on a warm summer day, just like it feels awesome to take a bath in the hot spring of the Szechenyi thermal bath on a cold winter day. Would you like to combine such experiences with a fantastic event in Budapest? What are the highlights coming up in Budapest in 2023? Here you can read about some of the most significant upcoming events, concerts, festivals, and markets in Budapest in 2023.

It is a somewhat cold January day as we write this article. The Christmas markets closed some days ago, but people are already looking for information about the Christmas markets in 2023. What other events should you look forward to in Budapest in 2023 besides the Christmas markets? The dates for the biggest festivals and events are released, but there are also some uncertainties. Let us take a closer look at what we believe will be the highlights in Budapest this year.

The events, concerts, festivals, and exhibitions are not listed in chronological order.

Top events and festivals in Budapest in 2023

Which are the hottest events and festivals arranged in Budapest? 2023 is the year in which Hungary will arrange the biggest event ever arranged in the country. It isn’t a music festival, but the World Athletics Championships.

World Athletics Championships

A brand new stadium named National Athletics Centre has been built for this event. Approximately 35,000 people will gather in this stadium every day between August 19 and August 27 this summer. The best athletes will compete, and even though Usain Bolt has retired, we have a lot to look forward to. Nearly everything is happening at the stadium, but the race walking and the marathons are held in the streets of Budapest. This is a fantastic chance to see some of the best runners in the world as they compete for a gold medal.

World Athletics Championships
August 19-27
More information

Sziget Festival

This is the biggest music festival in Hungary and attracts nearly half a million people yearly. Billie Eilish, David Guetta, Florence + The Machine, and many others will come for this event, and so should you. If you have ever been to this event, you know why people love it so much and return to Budapest to experience it year after year. Maybe 2023 is the year when you will experience the Sziget Festival for the first time?

Sziget Festival
August 10-15
More information

Sziget price

Budapest wine festival

Hungary is well known for its wine. Is there a better way to enjoy a warm summer day than with a glass of bubbled water mixed with rose wine? Or would you instead taste some sweet white wine from Tokaj? The annual wine festival in Budapest attracts winemakers from all across Hungary, and visitors can taste thousands of wines produced in Hungary. The event is arranged surrounded by the castle, giving a fantastic scenery and panorama while enjoying the outcome of Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and other types of grapes.

Budapest Wine Festival
September 7-10
More information

wine festival budapest

Formula 1

The Hungarian Grand Prix is a highlight, and it attracts speed lovers every year. The Hungarian Grand Prix is arranged at Hungaroring, a track located about 30km from the heart of Budapest. Have you never seen a Formula 1 race live? This is your chance. You can easily fly to Budapest with low-cost airlines such as RyanAir and WizzAir. It is easy to find a cheap hotel room (if you book early), and the tickets are cheaper than in many other locations. Ultimately, it will still be expensive, but it will be a memory to remember for a lifetime.

Lewis Hamilton has won the Hungarian Grand Prix eight times. Michael Schumacher, the pilot with the second-most victories in Hungary, has won the race four times. Even though Lewis Hamilton has won eight times, he hasn’t won since 2020. Since then, Esteban Ocon (2021) and Max Verstappen (2022) has won. Who will win in 2023? Come to Budapest and find out!

Hungarian Grand Prix
July 21-23
More information

Formula 1 in Budapest

Christmas markets

It is impossible to list the highlights in Budapest without mentioning the Christmas markets. They are absolutely stunning and attract tens of thousands of tourists. The Christmas markets are located in the center of Budapest, and it is a perfect place to drink traditional Hungarian drinks, eat food that Hungarians love, and to buy all sorts of souvenirs and Christmas presents you didn’t know you needed before you saw them.

The dates of the Christmas markets in Budapest in 2023 are not yet released. The dates for the Christmas markets at Vörösmarty square are usually published in September, while the dates for the Christmas market by the St. Stephen’s Basilica are published in late October. We are still allowed to guess, and based on the dates in earlier years, we expect the Christmas markets to open on November 17th. If we are wrong, they will for sure open on November 24th (unless something like COVID should hit again).

Christmas markets 2023
Not yet announced
More information (here you will find the dates as they are published)

Christmas market budapest

The top concerts in Budapest in 2023

There will be several fantastic concerts in Budapest this year. Do not forget about all the artists coming to the Sziget Festival (such as Billie Eilish and David Guetta), but there will also be several stand-alone events and concerts worth checking out.


Rammstein will go on an extensive tour in 2023, and Budapest is one of the stops. It was initially supposed to be only one concert, but due to the ticket demand, two concerts will be arranged in Budapest in 2023. This might be a perfect event if you like hard rock and loud music. It is arranged at Puskas Arena, the national stadium for football matches and other giant events.

Rammstein Budapest
July 11-12
More information

rammstein budapest

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode has been to Budapest several times. As they come this summer, they will again perform at the Puskas Arena. They have been to the same stadium before, but then it was called Nepstadion (The People’s Stadium). The concert is a part of their Memento Mori Tour in which they will visit Krakow, Oslo, Helsinki, and many other cities.

Depeche Mode Budapest
July 28
More information

Robbie Williams

Would you like to celebrate spring with Robbie Williams and more than 12,000 people in Budapest in March? The popular singer from England will tour Europe again in 2023, and Budapest is one of the stops. This tour celebrates his 25 years as singer, meaning that he will sing his most popular hits. A perfect event if you want to walk down memory lane with Robbie Williams.

Robbie Williams Budapest
March 14
More information

Måneskin, Eros Ramazotti, Michael Buble, and many others.

There will be lots of other artists coming to Budapest to perform in 2023 besides Robbie Williams, Rammstein, and Depeche Mode. We could write a very long article if we were to mention them all. Look around at our page about what’s on in Budapest to read about other concerts and events in Budapest.

concerts in budapest

No matter when you come to Budapest…

The abovementioned events depend on you being in Budapest at the right time. What should you do if you cannot be in Budapest during these events? Many other things are happening that we haven’t mentioned in this article, so take a look at our calendar before you cry.

No matter when you come, there are some events, activities, and programs you should check out in Budapest. Here you have some recommendations.

Visit a thermal bath!

One of the most important things to do in Budapest is to go to a thermal bath. The most popular and people’s favorite is the Szechenyi thermal bath in the City Park. This is a fantastic place all year round, especially when it is cold outside. There are more than ten pools to choose from, and most of the water temperature is between 30 and 38 Celsius. The warmest outdoor poor is 38 Celsius. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Szechenyi thermal bath

Enjoy a river cruise.

The city of Budapest is divided in two by the Danube. The city is built around the Danube, meaning that many of the most beautiful buildings are located by the Danube. What better way to discover and see them than during a river cruise on the Danube? There are lots of river cruises available throughout the year. Some cruises come with food and drinks, while others are guided tours where you listen to information about Budapest and what you see while traveling up and down the river.

The city is beautiful 24/7, but if you want a memorable experience, travel on a river cruise after sunset when the buildings are illuminated. It is true magic. You can read more about different river cruises in Budapest here.

river cruise in budapest

Taste the local foods and drinks.

Hungary is world-known for its gastronomy. We have mentioned the wine production earlier, and no matter when you come, you should drink some glasses of Hungarian wine. The story doesn’t end there. Hungary also produces fantastic Palinka, the Hungarian fruit spirit. It might be too strong for some (40% alcohol or more). If it is too strong for you, taste the Hungarian Unicum instead.

You shouldn’t drink all that alcohol by itself. Why don’t you combine it with a traditional Hungarian Goulash soup? Another great option is to drink Hungarian red wine combined with a traditional stew made from pork, chicken, or beef.

Are you afraid of tasting new things? Eat the traditional Hungarian schnitzel with french fries instead (a big favorite among kids).

You can read more about all sorts of restaurants in Budapest right here.

We hope you have found the content of this article useful and interesting. If you have further comments, questions, suggestions, or thoughts on your mind, use the comment field below.

Currency converter (HUF/EUR/USD)

The Hungarian Forint is a currency that moves quickly in all directions, mostly downwards. What does that mean? The currency is falling in value compared to bigger and more popular currencies such as the Euro, Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, and smaller currencies such as the Swedish Krone and other currencies.

  • Would you like to find out how much one Euro is in Hungarian Forint?
  • If the price of a product is 10,000 HUF, how much is that in USD?

It is easy to find an answer to those and similar questions if you use the currency converter available on our page about the currency in Hungary. Not only can you find a currency converter there. You can read about where to exchange money in Budapest, what you need to look out for, the different bills and coins used in Hungary, and also some price examples. Are you only interested in how much you have to pay to buy a Big Mac in Budapest? Click the link to find out.

The HUF compared to other currencies.

Hungary joined the European Union in 2004. At that time, you could buy one Euro for approximately 250 HUF. It was at its strongest in 2008 when you “only” had to pay 230 HUF for one Euro. Since then, however, the general trend is pointing downwards (meaning that the Hungarians don’t like the trend). As a result, you must pay more to buy euros in Hungary.

the hungarian forint vs euro

The last year has been quite terrible for the Hungarian currency, seeing that it has jumped from 350 HUF per euro to a peak of 435 HUF per Euro. The current price as we write this article is 401 HUF per Euro, but to get an accurate number, use the converter below or at the currency page.

What is the value of the Hungarian Forint right now?

Check the actual prices of the Hungarian Forint compared to the USD, Euro, GBP, CHF, NOK, SEK, DKK, and other currencies right now.

Currency Calculator

From EUR

It is evident that the political situation in Hungary impacts the value of the Hungarian Forint. The present situation in which the Hungarian government often opposes the EU doesn’t help people trust the Hungarian currency. Many people also complain and say that the government doesn’t manage the gas crisis in a good way. To help people, they force shops to sell certain products at lower prices. What is the result? Those products are almost impossible to buy (as they are always sold out), and to earn money, the stores push the prices on all other products much more. In the end, customers pay much more than they did before. It is not a coincidence that inflation in Hungary is among the highest in Europe.

Does this influence you?

If you come to Budapest, you don’t really have to worry. You will get more HUF for your money than you would one year ago. But, at the same time, the prices have increased a lot, meaning that you will pay more in the end anyway. Even though you get 20% more HUF per Euro, you have to pay 50%-100% more for several products, meaning that we all lose. The biggest losers are, of course, the Hungarians.

Do not forget, however, that many stores in Hungary seem to have forgotten about the real value of the Euro. What do we mean?

If you enter a store and buy products that normally cost 1000 HUF, you can nearly always pay with euros. The only problem is that stores still believe that the price of one euro is 350-370 HUF. So, when you pay 1000 HUF which should be approximately 2.5 Euro, you will pay 3 Euro instead (or something like that). In the end, you pay even more than needed. How can you solve this? The best is to pay with card (and set the currency to HUF if asked) or to pay with cash.

If you want Hungarian Forint in cash, the best is to use an ATM. It is possible to use an exchange office as well, but you should avoid those in or near Vaci utca, as those use pretty bad exchange rates.

The best hotels for Christmas market tourists in Budapest.

November and December are fantastic months to visit Budapest. You don’t have to fear extreme heat, and you can visit the magic Christmas markets the city has to offer. If you haven’t read our guide to the Christmas markets in Budapest already, that is a good place to start. But, maybe you know everything there is to know about the Christmas markets. There is, however, one remaining question – what hotel should you choose for your trip to Budapest?

The most important to know is the location of the Christmas markets. Below we have created a little map showing the locations of the two major Christmas markets in Budapest; Vörösmarty square and Sas square.

the two christmas markets in budapest

It is important to understand that the two locations are close. It only takes 5 minutes to walk from one of the Christmas markets to the other. But, the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square is located at the end of the shopping street Váci utca, making this area better for shopping lovers.

Based on this information, we will recommend a couple of hotels. We will include some recommendations for those who are on a budget and who don’t mind using the metro for a few stops as well. But, the main goal is to recommend a few hotels very close to the Christmas markets, meaning that you can leave the entrance of your hotel and almost start drinking hot wine and eating Hungarian lángos immediately.

Let’s start with the cheapest solutions…

The best hotels for Christmas market tourists in Budapest with a low budget.

We cannot guarantee low prices on these hotels, but they will be cheaper than most central hotels in Budapest. No matter your choice, you can reach the Christmas markets using the subway (metro), and you don’t have to change lines.

Easy Star Hotel (Sziv utca 13, 1063 Budapest)

This is absolutely fitting into the category of a budget three-star hotel in Budapest. It is located 150 meters from the metro stop Kodaly Körönd (yellow line). This is the second oldest metro line in all of Europe, making it an attraction itself. The hotel has breakfast available. It isn’t luxurious at all, but if you just need a place to sleep and eat breakfast (and you’d rather spend your money at the Christmas markets), this is a great option.

How to get to the Christmas market from this hotel?

Walk to the Kodaly Körönd metro stop and travel to the end station of the line (Vörösmarty square). You will immediately be at the biggest and most famous Christmas market in Budapest.

This hotel is 2,2km from the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square. It is a very nice walk if you don’t mind using your legs.

easy star budapest

Would you like to live a little bit nicer, but you don’t mind using the metro for a few stops? The next hotel is a great pick for you!

Hotel Andrassy (Andrassy ut 111, 1063 Budapest)

Hotel Andrassy is one metro stop further away from the city center than Easy Star Hotel (mentioned above). This hotel has a good reputation in Budapest, and it has been around for a long time. It has four stars, a nice restaurant in the building, and it sure looks nicer than many other hotels in Budapest. In other words, you don’t get the very cheap feeling as you walk around in the building. But it is still cheaper than living at four-star hotels in the very heart of Budapest.

The location is also close to the Heroes Square and the City Park, making it easy to visit this fantastic area where you can find the popular Szechenyi thermal bath, the Zoo, the Vajdahunyad castle, the Heroes square, and several nice museums.

How to get to the Christmas market from this hotel?

Walk 150 meters to the metro stop Bajza utca. From there, travel in the direction of Vörösmarty tér and get off at the end station. You will then be surrounded by stalls and feel the smell of hot wine immediately.

If you don’t mind walking, this hotel is located 2,7km from the Christmas market at the Vörösmarty square by foot. It is a fantastic walk along the beautiful Andrassy Avenue (which has beautiful lights before Christmas). This street is also known as the street for luxury shopping in Budapest (in the area near the Hungarian State Opera).

hotel andrassy in budapest

Have you had enough walking already? Are you coming to Budapest to live in a great location? Don’t you want to spend time and energy buying public transportation tickets or walking a few kilometers to get to the Christmas markets? It is time to come up with some recommendations for you!

The best hotels very close to the Christmas markets in Budapest

Would you like to feel the smell of Hungarian sausage as you leave your hotel? Are you traveling to Budapest to relax, not to mess with public transportation tickets, taxis, and other things that you’d rather avoid? Here you have some hotel recommendations located no more than a few hundred meters from the Christmas markets in Budapest. We have included some cheaper and some extremely elegant solutions to the list.

Hotel Promenade (Váci utca 22, 1052 Budapest)

What should we say about this hotel? It has three stars, and it is located in the shopping street Váci utca. You can easily use this as your base for exploring Budapest and the Christmas markets, but do not expect a lot of extras. The main entrance is located in the shopping street, but it is easy to overlook it at first glance.

WiFi is available to all guests free of charge, and breakfast is available in the hotel. This is perfect if you want to live quite cheap at a very central location in Budapest. Would you rather spend some more and stay in a nicer hotel (with four stars)? Read the two recommendations following this.

hotel promenade in budapest

Mercure Budapest City Center (Vaci utca 20, 1052 Budapest)

Mercure is a hotel brand that many travelers know. This is something you can trust. The hotel is located in the pedestrian street Váci utca and it is often preferred among travelers who want to live in a four-star hotel without spending all their money paying for accommodation. You can order your room with breakfast if that is preferred, but you can also book without breakfast and just leave the hotel and eat breakfast elsewhere nearby during your stay in Budapest.

As you leave the hotel, you need to walk approximately 250 meters to get to the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square. Some people fear that the hotel is noisy as it is located by the shopping street, but this is seldom causing any trouble.

mercure city center

This is a quite cheap four-star hotel very close to the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square. Would you rather live in a cheap four-star hotel near the Christmas market by St. Stephen’s Basilica? The next recommendation is for you!

Hotel Central Basilica (Hercegprimas utca 8, 1051 Budapest)

This four-star hotel is located almost at the square of the Christmas market by St. Stephen’s Basilica. It isn’t a very luxurious four-star hotel, but it has a great location, and it makes walking back and forth in Budapest easy due to its location. You can easily book your room with breakfast, but due to its location, you can easily book without breakfast as there are plenty of places where you can eat breakfast nearby.

Once again, this is a quite “easy” four-star hotel, but a great choice if you want to live with style without paying a fortune.

hotel central basilica

Would you like to live in a five-star hotel instead? Below you can find our final two suggestions!

Kempinski Hotel (Erzsebet ter 7-8, 1051 Budapest)

This is a very nice five-star hotel in Budapest with a great location. It is 150 meters from the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square and 250 meters from the Christmas market by Stephen’s Basilica. You will find lots of great activities available within the walls of the hotel (SPA treatments, restaurants, swimming pools, fitness center, and more), and you will absolutely enjoy how close it is to the Christmas markets. It is also practical that it has its own private parking for guests, making it easy if you arrive in your own car or if a taxi will drop you off at the hotel.

The hotel is located by the square where you can find the famous Budapest Eye. This is a nice activity worth testing, and it looks fantastic at night.

This is a typical five-star hotel with gracious rooms and lots of air. In other words, you really get that luxurious feeling as you enter the hotel.

Kempinski is a very nice five-star hotel. Would you like even more luxury and something even more special? Below you can find our final and the most luxurious recommendation.

Aria Hotel (Hercegprimas utca 5, 1051 Budapest)

This hotel is for those who want luxury like nowhere else in Budapest. It is a very expensive hotel and extreme in its level of luxury. The hotel is located less than 50 meters from the Christmas market by St. Stephen’s Basilica. If you want to relax after a tiring day in Budapest, this hotel has a bar at the roof, a spa center with a pool, and free WiFi. This hotel is special because it is built around different music styles. Free wine is available to hotel guests each day between 16.00 and 18.00, combined with a cheese buffet. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the breakfast is amazing. In other words, this is the ultimate place for luxury near the Christmas markets in Budapest.

hotel aria in budapest

We have recommended hotels ideal for your trip to Budapest in this article. Some are extremely close to the Christmas markets, while others are further away and require you to walk more than 2km or use public transportation. No matter what you are looking for, we are quite convinced that some of these will suit you and your needs, and let us not forget, your wallet.

If you have further comments or questions, write a comment below!

Frequently asked questions about hotels in Budapest during the Christmas market period.

Is it cheap to book a hotel in Budapest in November and December?

The time before Christmas is supposed to be a “low season” in tourism. But, due to the Christmas markets, it has turned into a high-peak season. As a result, you will most likely find cheaper hotels in the start of November (before the Christmas markets open) than you will in December. Budapest is still a cheap city compared to cities such as Vienna, where you have to pay 2x-3x more for rooms of similar quality and with a similar location in the city compared to Budapest.

How should I travel from the airport to my hotel in Budapest?

There are several options for this. You can arrange the airport transfer directly with your hotel. It is also possible to book an airport transfer in Budapest with us. You can find more about airport transfers in Budapest right here. There is also a bus that connects the airport with the city center. This works well for most of the hotels described in this article, and the price is 1500 HUF per ticket.

Do you have any restaurant recommendations for Budapest in November and December?

Most restaurants operate with normal opening times during this period. But, it is worth noticing that many restaurants have lots of reservations, which means you will often be sent away if you try to just walk by a restaurant in the evening without a reservation. As a result, it is worth reserving a table, at least if you desire to dine in a certain restaurant.

  • Most restaurants have normal opening times until December 23rd.
  • On December 24th, 95% of the restaurants in Budapest are closed. As a result, it is hard to find places where you can dine on December 24th. The best is to eat your Christmas dinner in your hotel or book months in advance in restaurants such as Aszu and/or Rezkakas. These restaurants operate with set menus for December 24th, and also for December 31st.
  • Many restaurants remain closed on December 25th and 26th, but a very popular restaurant like Sir Lancelot is open again on December 25th. Rezkakas and Aszu are open as well on December 25th and December 26th.
  • Many restaurants are open on December 31st, but most of them have special menus for this evening. These have to be reserved beforehand (in most cases).

To sum it up, book a table in advance if you come to Budapest in this period. Some restaurants that are worth considering are:

What is the price of eating breakfast in Budapest (not in your hotel)?

This depends on where you eat and what you eat, but a cheap breakfast costs approximately 1200-1800 HUF (3-4 euros), while a more expensive breakfast will cost around 3000 HUF (8 euros).

Will my hotel offer dinner opportunities on December 24th and December 31st?

It is impossible to give a general answer to this question. The wisest thing is to contact the hotel directly to get an answer to this question. Most hotels with a restaurant and with four or five stars will offer their guests dinner on these days, but you should definitely contact them to be sure.

Ordering from Amazon to Hungary – How does it work? VAT? Shipping costs?

Would you like to order products from Amazon to your address in Hungary? Hungary doesn’t have an Amazon store, so you must choose between,, and Which is the best for you? Which is the cheapest? Everything you need to know about ordering from Amazon to Hungary.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, and it is an incredibly successful company. Not only do they sell products made by others, but they also create devices and products themselves, like the Kindle, Fire tablets, and much more. What can you do if you want to order from Amazon? It depends on which product you want to buy.

shop on to hungary

Order from Amazon to Hungary.

You will find very similar products on Amazon in Germany, the United Kingdom, and in the United States. So, where should you order from? In general, the best and easiest solution is to order from Amazon in Germany. Why is that?

Why is Amazon Germany the best solution for Hungary?

There are several reasons why you should order from if you live in Hungary.

  • It is the closest location to Hungary. This makes the delivery faster and easier, and often cheaper!
  • Since Germany is in the European Union, you don’t have to pay additional VAT or other costs as the goods arrive in Hungary.

These are the main reasons why you should order from to Hungary. You might find products cheaper on, but when you add the shipping fees, the VAT, and the waiting time, you will discover that it isn’t worth it.

What about You could consider it, but seeing the United Kingdom outside the EU and the strong British Pound, you will most likely do much better ordering from Amazon Germany instead.

Do you need to know German to order from Not at all! You can search in English, and you can set the platform language to English. It will often translate your search request to German, but you will normally see all the necessary information about the products in English.

How much does it cost to ship products from Amazon to Hungary?

For the purpose of this article, I created an order of three products that I want to send to Hungary from I added a nice Samsung monitor that I can use while writing articles in the Budapest Guide. Even though I am a computer nerd, I need to smell good so I added a bottle of Hugo Boss perfume as well. Since it is important to read, I also added a brand new Kindle from Amazon to my shopping basket.

my amazon order

I was quite lucky with this order because all products are dispatched and sold by Amazon. As a result, they can group all products into one order and package. This makes shipping cheaper.

It is worth noticing that the price of certain products often increases the moment Amazon realizes that it is sent abroad. As a result, the price of the three products suddenly became 291 euros instead of 273 euros when I reached the checkout. Shipping is then added to the order, making the final price 313 euros.

amazon order to hungary
The good thing is that when you see the final price, you know that no more costs will be added. You don’t need to fear hidden costs, nor that your package will be stuck in customs until you pay VAT.

What about products that Amazon doesn’t send to Hungary?

Most products can be sent to Hungary from Amazon in Germany and from Amazon in the United Kingdom and the United States. But, sometimes, there are exceptions. I have often seen that Amazon is unwilling to send its own products, such as Fire tablets, Echo loudspeakers, and the Kindle to other countries. What can you do if you experience that?

There are solutions that you can use to solve such problems as well. It is very easy, and you normally pay only for additional shipping.

You can visit any of the three sites above and get a free storage address in the UK, the United States, and in Germany. It is entirely free. You will immediately receive a postal address in that given country. This can be used as you order products from Amazon in that country. Since you are delivering products within the country, you will pay less for the products and for shipping.

As the package arrives to the address, you will receive a notification in email. You can then have the package sent to your home address in Hungary. The cost depends on the site and the weight of the package, but it normally doesn’t cost more than Amazon would make you pay to send the package to Hungary.

Eager to go shopping on Amazon? Use the links below.

Is it worth ordering from Amazon to Hungary?

It is possible to order from Amazon to Hungary, but is it worth it? Many people expect it to be very cheap in Hungary. Some products are cheap, but not all products. You will be surprised if you go to a fashion store and see a price tag with prices in different currencies. What will you discover? The price in Forint is very similar to the Euro price, sometimes identical, sometimes cheaper, and quite often, more expensive. As a result, you don’t find similar products cheaper in Hungary than elsewhere.

If you compare the prices of computers, monitors, and accessories, you will often see that the price are a little bit cheaper in Hungary, but not much. If you want to know for sure, go ahead and compare the prices of an exact product, and you will immediately see whether it is worth it or not.

There are, however, certain products that you cannot buy in Hungary. It is obvious that you order such products from Amazon (if they are available). Examples of such products are Amazon products. You can also find giant discounts on Amazon around Black Friday and Easter, and then it is absolutely worth shopping on the platform.

I hope this article has answered many of your questions about ordering products from Amazon to Hungary. If you have further tips, insight, or questions, use the comment field below.

The Christmas markets in Györ, Hungary.

The city of Györ is approximately 125km from the city center of Budapest. The town is well known for its beauty and being the home of one of the best female handball teams in the world. Many people drive next to it as they come to Budapest from Bratislava or Vienna by car, but few people decide to spend some hours in the city. But, Györ is worth visiting, and here we will give you information about the city’s most important Christmas markets.

As mentioned, Györ is located along the M1 highway connecting Budapest with cities such as Bratislava and Vienna. It takes about 80 minutes to get to the center of Györ from Budapest, and you need almost the same time to travel to Györ from Vienna.

travel from budapest to györ

If you want to watch a handball match or a football match in Györ, the football stadium and the handball arena are located next to the road connecting the city center with the highway, so they are both very easy to find.

If you arrive by train, you will find yourself perfectly located immediately, so you are ready to explore the city at once. Those arriving by car will need to find a parking lot somewhere. The city is divided into zones, and the most expensive is priced at 520 HUF per hour. It is free to park in the city on Sundays.

Where are the Christmas markets in Györ located?

Christmas market by the City Hall.

There are three important areas that you need to explore if you want to experience Christmas and the Christmas markets in Györ. The first is located by the railway station. On a nice big square next to Hotel Rába (a nice place to stay while in Györ), you will find this market.

christmas in györ
Boldog karácsonyt means Merry Christmas.

Above, you can see an image of the city hall in Györ. This is on the other side of the road from the Christmas markets, and it is located next to the railway station. At this market, you will find quite a lot of souvenirs and handmade artifacts. You will, of course, also find something to drink and eat.

christmas market by city hall in gyor

If I had to give a ranking of the three Christmas market options in downtown Györ, this would probably end up as the least interesting. But maybe you will disagree with me on that?

When you are finished looking around at the square, you can easily move on to discover more Christmas markets in the city of Györ. Below you can see a map presenting the three main areas for the Christmas markets in Györ. We have already taken a look at the one opposite the city hall. What about the others?

the three christmas markets in gyor

Christmas market in Baross Gábor út.

If you head to Baross Gábor út (which starts next to the Christmas market we already discussed), you can walk in a very nice pedestrian street. This is nice for shopping all year round but especially nice during the Christmas markets. In this period, stalls are located all along the street, and here you will meet locals and tourists drinking hot wine, eating roasted chestnuts, tasting lángos, and enjoying other sweets.

The street looks nice during the daytime, but like everywhere else, the real Christmas market atmosphere comes when it is dark and the lights are turned on. If you want to grab something to eat very fast (and not eat on the Christmas market), then you can find several bakeries, a Mcdonalds’, and several other options in this street besides what the Christmas market has to offer.

You should absolutely walk here to look around. The street has a friendly atmosphere, and it is lovely to see a mixture of locals and tourists eat, drink, and enjoy life as you walk up and down the street.

Christmas market at Szechenyi square.

If we had to pick one Christmas market in Györ, this would be our favorite. Luckily, we don’t have to choose, meaning we can visit everyone. But this is still the one with the nicest atmosphere and with the “nicest” Christmas atmosphere. There aren’t hundreds of stalls here, but you can buy food, drinks, and handicrafts from approximately 25-30 stalls. Besides this, you have activities and lovely decorations making it a fantastic place to visit.

As you can see from the pictures above, the Christmas market at Szechényi square is beautifully decorated, and it has effects that wildly cheer up kids coming along. It might be that the decorations will change from year to year, but this is still a place that takes the holiday effects and decorations seriously. Of course, kids always love to meet Santa Claus, and the little railway for children at the square always forces parents to spend more money than initially planned as they visit the square. But that’s what Christmas is all about.

What should you buy at the Christmas markets in Györ?

We have a long and thorough article about the Christmas markets in Budapest here in our Budapest Guide. There you can see a long list of recommendations concerning what to eat and drink and buy at the Christmas markets in the Hungarian capital. The truth is, you will find mostly the same products at the Christmas markets in Györ. In other words, this is a place to taste Hungarian gastronomy and buy handicrafts. You will find more products aimed at tourists in Budapest, while there will be more products aimed at locals in Györ.

chocolate at the christmas markets in gyor

One thing many people buy is sweets of all sorts. There are lots of gingerbread cakes available, decorated with different colors. You can also find handmade chocolate pralines filled with marzipan, cognac, whiskey, rum, nuts, and other delicious stuff. The chocolate pralines in the picture above are quite expensive, but they are still cheaper at the Christmas markets in Györ than they would be if you bought them at the Christmas markets in Budapest.

tea at the christmas markets in gyor

As mentioned, you will find more products aimed at locals as you visit the Christmas markets in Györ. Above, you can see a picture from a stall selling tea, tea boxes, and tea cups. This is something that locals, as well as tourists, will find tempting. It is a perfect present to buy for someone else, and it might be tempting to bring some bags of tea, combined with a nice box, and a cup for yourself as well. This is especially nice, knowing that these are not mass-produced cups and boxes, meaning that you will have something created by hand someone somewhere in Hungary!

christmas decorations

There are also Christmas decorations for sale at the Christmas markets in Györ. Some of these are universal, meaning that they are suitable for Christmas trees all around the world. Some are aimed at locals since the text printed on the objects is Hungarian. No matter what, these are souvenirs that will remind you of Györ and Hungary as you return home, and as you can see above, they are not very expensive either (1200 HUF = 3 Euro, at the time of writing).

Are the Christmas markets in Györ cheap than the Christmas markets in Budapest?

The general answer to that question is yes. We cannot give an answer promising that everything will be cheaper, but generally, most products are cheaper in Györ than in Budapest. Why is that? The products are similar, but the rental prices are lower for the stalls. Of course, the revenue is much higher in Budapest, but still – you will spend less in Györ.

It is also a major difference that you will meet more locals in Györ than in Budapest. Why is that? The prices at the Christmas markets in Budapest (the two central markets) are so expensive for locals that they don’t really care about them anymore. As a result, you will meet other tourists as you visit those. But, as you visit the Christmas markets in Budapest located outside the main tourist area, you will immediately meet locals again, and that is true about the Christmas markets in Györ as well.

Where to eat in Györ?

The obvious answer is that you should eat at the Christmas markets! They have delicious food and you will taste some of the most popular meals in Hungary. You can find lots of warm meals at the Christmas markets, and you can also find sweets to eat for dessert.

But, if you want to dine in a normal restaurant, there are several you can choose from in the vicinity of the Christmas markets in Györ.

Komedias restaurant: This is a trendy restaurant among locals, simply because it has great Hungarian food at prices they can afford. It isn’t a place for a business dinner in a luxurious environment, but if you just want Hungarian food at great prices, this is a good place to go.

Address: Czuczor G. u. 30

Szalai vendeglö: It is very similar to the Komedias restaurant in many ways. Once again, you can eat traditional Hungarian meals, but with some more modern courses available. The price level is quite okay. If you want a nice lunch menu, this is a great place to go between 11.00 and 15.00.

Address: Kisfaludy u. 34.

Billie Eilish, David Guetta, Florence + the Machine among the artists coming to Sziget in 2023!

Sziget festival is the biggest festival in Hungary every year. In 2022, Justin Bieber was the biggest name of the festival, and in 2023, the biggest name will be Billie Eilish. The Sziget team released the first group of names of artists and bands coming to Sziget in 2023 on the first day of December 2022, and there are many awesome names on the list already.

We wrote about Sziget in 2023 a few weeks ago. The festival was then supposed to start on August 9th and end on August 14th. But, when they learned that Billie Eilish could come to make a concert, they moved the entire festival one day to make things work out. As a result, the festival will be arranged between August 10th and August 15th in 2023.

billie eilish sziget 2023

Who will come to Sziget in 2023?

The list of artists released on December 1st is just an initial list and more names will be added later. But, we can already see lots of fantastic artists on the list. As a result, you can safely book your flight tickets and buy your Sziget ticket for 2023 already.

Below you can see the list of names released on December 1st.

Billie Eilish, David Guetta, Florence + the Machine, Imagine Dragons, Sam Fender, Niall Horan, YUNGBLUD, Foals, Diplo, Jamie xx, M83, Moderat, Sven Väth, Mimi Webb, Nothing But Thieves, Two Feet, Viagra Boys, Amyl And The Sniffers, 070 Shake, TV Girl, Dixon, Uncle Waffles, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Baby Queen, The Comet Is Coming, Easy Life, Youngr, Los Bitchos, Destroy Boys, Kelly Lee Owens (DJ set), Mall Grab, Partiboi69, Parra For Cuva, Jungle By Night, yuné pinku (DJ set) and Hannah Grae

What is the price of a Big Mac Menu and a Whopper Menu in Budapest? [Updated in 2023]

I know this might be an offense to many tourists visiting Budapest. It is, however, a reality that many people eat fast food at Burger King and Mcdonald’s while in Budapest. Why is that? Because it is easy and cheaper than most other restaurants, you don’t have to wait for a long time, and you know what you get.

So, what should you expect if you visit a Mcdonalds’ or a Burger King in Budapest to buy a Big Mac menu, a Whopper Menu, or maybe a Happy Meal in McDonald’s’? After all, families with children often hate waiting 30 minutes for an order to be served in a restaurant that visits such places. Or maybe students who are on a budget want something quick and cheap.

Are you hungry for a Whopper menu in Burger King in Budapest?
Are you hungry for a Whopper menu in Burger King in Budapest?

The price of a Whopper Menu in Budapest (updated in 2023)

If you are a fan of Burger King and their Whopper sandwich, the price of a Whopper menu in Budapest is 2260 HUF. (appx 5,5 Euro). If you want two pieces of meat in your Whopper menu (making it a Dupla Whopper King Menu), the price is 2560.

Why should you eat a Whopper and not a Big Mac? It feels fresher due to the fresh vegetables, and the meat feels more like meat.

The price of the children’s meal (King Junior Meal) at Burger King is 1290 HUF.

The price of a Big Mac menu in Budapest

Would you rather go to McDonald’s? I know the taste of a Whopper feels fresher than a Big Mac, but there is something about the Big Mac taste that makes it so easy to eat that you just love eating it. I remember watching Super Size Me once, and do you know what I dreamt of as I left the cinema? A Big Mac! 🙂

If you would like to buy a Big Mac menu in Budapest, the price for a normal size menu is 2250 HUF (appx. 5,5 Euro). If you want a bigger menu with larger fries and a larger drink, the price is 2410 HUF.

big mac in budapest
Do you want to eat at McDonald’s while in Budapest?

The price of the happy meal at McDonald’s is 1500 HUF as of January 2023.

Do you find these prices expensive, or is it worth it? It is worth noticing that you can get much better hamburgers for the same price (or lower) in serious hamburger bars in Budapest, so it isn’t necessarily cheaper to eat at Burger King or McDonald’s, compared to other places. But, it is quicker, it often feels safer, and the kids love it.

Fun fact: There are more than 50 Mcdonalds’ restaurants in Budapest. In addition, you can find lots of Burger Kings restaurants. Besides these giants, you can also find more and more KFC restaurants.

So, what kind of tourist are you? Would you ever eat at Mcdonald’s or Burger King during a trip to Budapest or some other big city worldwide? Or would you rather find something local no matter what?