Do passengers over 65 years travel free with public transportation in Budapest?

A leaflet about Budapest says that passengers aged 65 and older may use public transportation (such as subway, trams and buses) for free. Is this true? My only ID to prove my age is my passport. Is that enough?

First of all thank you for the question. This is a very popular question asked by many, so we will try to answer your question giving all necessary information. It is true that public transportation is free for some people above 65 years, but not for all. Transportation is free for those aged 65+ fitting into one of the following groups:

  • Citizens of Hungary or other EU, EEA Member States or Switzerland aged 65+
  • Foreign citizens aged 65+ who get pension from the Hungarian Pension Fund
  • Foreign citizens with Hungarian nationality aged 65+ and their relatives aged 65+ upon Act LXII/2001
  • Foreign citizens aged 65+ on the basis of a special international agreement
  • Refugees 65+

    It is the first category listed which is interesting for most of the people visiting our page. This means that if you are a member of a nation within the European Union or a member of the European Economic Area like Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you are entitled to free usage of the public transportation in Budapest if you are above the age of 65.

    This means that you can simply enjoy the usage of buses, metros and trams in Budapest at no cost, but it is very important that you always bring your personal ID with you to be able to identify yourself as a person above 65 years from a EU, an EEA country or from Switzerland.

    I hope this answer helps you out. Feel free to come with comments, feedback or other stuff using the comment field on this page.

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    1. Geraldo Siqueira says:

      Good morning Sirs. I need some information from you. Me and my wife are living in Portugal and we have ID and Passport issue in Portugal and we are Portuguese Nationalities so we are 63 and 71 years old. For our convenience do we need to obtain a free Budapest travel card for metro, tram and buses during three days stay in Budapest? And we still get any free entrance to any museum and free bath?

      Hope to hear you soon. Thanks for everything.

      Geraldo Siqueira

      • Budapest Guide says:

        I wouldn’t recommend the Budapest Pass, no matter what. As one of your is 71 years old, public transport is free, and you only pay the full entrance fee at museums and at the baths you decide to visit. And for the one who is 63 years old, it is better just to buy a public transportation card for the days you are here and pay a full entrance fee at museums… the Budapest Pass / Budapest Card is only worth the money if you plan on visiting museums from morning till evening.

    2. Reinhard Köchl says:


      I am planning to travel to Budapest from August 18, 2023 for the duration of the World Athletics Championships. I am from Germany, I was born in 1958, I will be 65 this year, my birthday is September 15. Can I use public transport freely if I am 65 this year or is the birthday the decisive date here?

      Thank you for your answer!

    3. Maryanne says:

      Hello, My husband and I are moving to Budapest from Portugal. We are not Portuguese citizens, but we have the EU Long Term Resident Permit, based on the length of time we have lived in Portugal.Our lawyer has advised that we have the full rights of a Hungarian citizen. Do you feel we would be eligible for the free public transport? We are over 65 years of age. Thank you very much for considering my question. Maryanne

      • Budapest Guide says:


        the ones checking your tickets at the station will most likely consider you old (unless you are lucky enough to look very young), and if they do, they will not check your identity, tickets, or IDs at all. but, if they do, they will look at your passports, and if they see something from outside the EU, it will most likely cause trouble for you, even though you have a EU Long Term Residence Permit. I would possibly visit the BKK Office in the center of Budapest to ask them first to be sure about whether your papers will be enough or not, because the controllers might just say that any additional paper issued in some sort of language (even if it is in English) might not be enough, especially if your passports are from outside the EU.

    4. leslie meadows says:

      hi good afternoon my wife and i are both 76 and have uk passports we will be in budapest from 28th January for 2 weeks having dental treatment are we entitled to travel on your local transport for free many thanks Les Meadows

      • Budapest Guide says:

        Based on what I see, since the UK is outside the EU and the EEA, a UK passport no longer entitles you to free public transportation in Budapest. If you are here, you can ask someone controlling tickets, but if you look at the clear rules written down, UK citizens are no longer entitled to free public transportation in Budapest even though they are older than 67.

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