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Hungary Crown

Budapest is a city with a little bit less than 2 million inhabitants, which is around one fifth of the total population of Hungary. That means that outside the borders of Budapest there are quite a lot of cities, villages, attractions and activities to discover and experience. Here you can find articles we have written about cities and villages in Hungary, and also about World Heritage sites in Hungary and historical articles.

Articles about Hungary


There are some places in Hungary that draw hundreds of thousands of people to them every, both foreigners and locals, and one such place is Zalakaros. The special thing is that the town of Zalakaros has nothing to offer, except from hot springs and lots of hotels. Zalakaros is the tiniest of all cities in...

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I just spent a weekend in Eger. I have been to the city several times, but now I thought it was about time to share some Eger insights with the rest of you, just in case anyone want to visit the city for a day trip or maybe for a wellness weekend or as a...

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Other dry facts about Hungary

Inhabitants: 10 000 000 (a little bit less)
President: Laszlo Solyom
Prime minister: Gordon Bajnai
Climate: Continental
Language: Hungarian
Currency: Forint
Time: +1 GMT
Religion: Roman Catholic
Dialcode: +36