Budapest Beerfestival

Budapest Beerfestival - Budavári SörfesztiválFor a long time Budapest and Hungary has been a nation known for its wine, some Palinka and even the Unicum… but, the beer has been hiding somewhere in the shadow, and to drink good beer, people went to Prague instead. But, that time is now history, and Budapest aims to turn into a big beer power in the whole wide world, and one of the giant steps were made in 2011 when they first Beerfestival was arranged in front of the Castle of Budapest. The official name of the festival is Budavári Sörfesztivál and this is the place to get to taste, drink and enjoy lots of different beers from Hungary, and maybe some specialties from abroad as well. At these festivals you will be able to taste more than 200 different kinds of beer, and there will of course be food and other drinks available in the area.

During the festival there are lots of concerts going on in the area, so the group arranging the festival do their uttermost to make you feel at home as you visit the castle area where this festival is arranged.

As you enter into the festival area you can buy a Budapest beerfestival mug costing 600 HUF (0,4 L). As you leave you can return it and get some money back, or bring it home as a memory. To get your mug filled up you need to pay 400, 500 or 900 HUF, depending on the brand and type of beer you would like.

Budapest Beerfestival 2015

June 11th – 14th
Buda Castle (Savoyan Terrace, Hunyadi Yard, Lion yard)
Price: 1 day (2000/3000 HUF – including one beer), Festival pass (7000 HUF – including one beer)

Opening times:
June 11&12th: 15.00 – 03.00
June 13th: 11.00 – 03.00
June 14th: 11.00 – 24.00

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