Chocolate and Sweets festival 2020

In 2011 the first Chocolate and Sweets festival was arranged in Budapest and it was a great success, which had to followed up with future similar festival. The Castle of Buda was the new and popular venue, with an exception in 2013 when it was arranged elsewhere.  The festival focuses on Chocolate and Sweets and it is a great place both for professionals and for people who simply love sweets and chocolate.

During this annual festival in Budapest there will are live concerts in the area, there are workshops teaching you how to prepare a perfect bonbon, lots of cakes, chocolate-wine course, teaching on how to make the chimney cake, a small chocolate museum and lots of other. Some of the exhibitors whom you can visit in the area are Ruszwurm, Szamos, Gundel, Rózsavölgyi chocolate and many more!

Even though it is a chocolate festival, there will be several places inside the festival area where visitors can enjoy a good Hungarian wine and do some wine tasting, and if they want some stronger stuff you can also buy some Palinka at several stands inside the area (Palinka is the Hungarian fruit spirit). For those who are hungry there will be several stands inside the area serving traditional Hungarian festival food, if you feel like eating some heavy food after eating lots of chocolate and other sweets!

Chocolate and Sweets festival 2020

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Area: Buda Castle

Useful information about the Chocolate and Sweets festival
The tickets for the Chocolate and Sweets festival can be bought on the spot, and that is the easiest way to get hold of the tickets.

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