As a guide to Budapest we also supply information about concerts and events happening within a reasonable distance from Budapest, possible to reach on a day trip and so on! Read on about the city and about the artist and the city you are interested in!

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With WizzAir Madrid is close as well


Prague is located 6-7 hours drive from Budapest, and there are several bus companies and trains leaving every day to the capital of Czech Republic from Budapest.


Vienna, the capital of Austria, is only 2 1/2 hour away from Budapest, with nice highway all the way from Budapest till Vienna.


Munich is approximately 7-8 hours drive from Budapest, and with highways all the way. Quite far, but if it is something important going on in Munich, it is still possible to reach it in one day.


The capital of Slovakia is only a few hours drive from Budapest, so it is easy to travel to Bratislava and back to Budapest again in one day (and enjoy a good program in Bratislava).


Three-four hours away from Budapest and perfectly located along the highway which makes the ride easy and comfortable. Zagreb is the capital of Hungary, and loads of Hungarians travel to Croatia every year for a nice summer holliday.


Krakow is 6-7 hours away from Budapest with car. This Polish city with around 750,000 inhabitants enjoys a rich culture life and famous attractions, and unfortunately tragic attractions as well, such as the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.