Budapest History Museum

Maybe you are one of those wondering what can be found inside the Castle in Budapest. During our guided tours often people wonder if Hungary has a king, or if anyone lives inside the castle. The truth is that inside the castle you can find several things, and one of those is the Budapest History Museum.

While the Hungarian National History museum deals with all of Hungary, the Budapest History Museum deals with Budapest and the history of the city. The local government decided to make a special museum for the history of Budapest in 1887, and the Budapest History Museum moved into its present location in 1967.

The museum has several permanent exhibitions. Their titles are: “Budapest in the Middle Ages”, “Budapest in the Modern Age”, “Gothic sculptures from the Royal Palace of Buda”, “The history of Budapest from the prehistoric age” and “The medieval Royal Palace of the Buda castle.”

Budapest History Museum

1014 – Budapest, Szent György tér 2.
Open every day from 20 March-15 September. Outside that period closed on Tuesdays.

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