Electrotechnical museum


There are lots of interesting museums in the capital of Hungary covering topics such as art, history and science. We have already written about several of these, but now it is time to share information about one museum we have not written about earlier, the Electrotechnical Museum. If you are interested in physics, and one of the most important parts of life, electricity, you definitely should visit this place! You can be the participant of different experiments and you can see the international, but firstly Hungarian scientists’ work here.

The Electrotechnical Museum is located in one of the loveliest streets in center city; just a few minutes from the biggest synagogue of Hungary, in the Kazinczy Street. Ticket prices are very friendly, just a few hundred Forints. The museum is close on Monday and Sunday, but except for these two days, the museum is available on every day from 10 AM until late afternoon. By appointment, you can sit in an irregular physics class, where a talented physicist shows you different experiences with the help of audience. This program could be interesting for youngsters and adults too, and don’t worry, it’s 100% safe. We recommend the museum first of all to those not in love with physics, because as you visit this museum, that might be about to change.

After the experimental physics class, visitors can walk around the exhibition part of the museum, where they can meet with the development of electricity from early ages; moreover they can see the operation of the exhibited objects after they push a button.

If you want to learn something besides culture and want your children to enjoy the museum trip just as you are, you should definitely visit the Electrotechnical Museum on Budapest!

Electrotechnical museum
1075 Budapest, Kazinczy Ut 21

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