Military History Museum
Military History Museum

This museum is in the castlearea, but still falls a little bit outside the normal touristroute. The museum was opened in 1918, became independent in 1922, and moved into its current facilities in the end of the 1920s. Unfortunately 2/3 of its objects were destroyed during the Second World War.

Among the permanent exhibitions you can find one that deals with World War I. Here you can see the war from the perspective of the soldiers, from the people in the voluntary army, from the Red Cross, priests and how people in general experience the war. There is exhibitions dealing with “Hand Weapons”, “the Fall of the Iron Curtain”, “Borderguards” and about treasures that left the nations during the Second World War that has now come back home!

Museum of Military History

1014 Budapest, Tóth Árpád sétány 40.
Open Tuesday-Sunday. Closed on Mondays