Terror House

The Terror House museum was opened on February 24 in 2002 and serves as a monument to the memory of those held captive, tortured and killed in the building of the museum. The goal of the museum is to show people that the fight for liberation was not in vain and that the war against the two cruellest systems (communism and nazism) of the 20th century ended with victory and independence.

The Terror House has exhibitions in the basement, on ground floor, on the first and on the second floor. Each floor has special things to show. The permanent exhibition shows you in chronological order the way things happened during nazism and communism. The most brutal part of the exhibition is the basement where you can see rooms where people were tortured, and that only a few meters from the street were normal people were passing by on their Sunday walk. In the basement you can also see an exhibition that deals with the revolution in 1956.

Terror Museum, Budapest

1062 Budapest, Andrássy Út 60
Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00-18:00

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terror museum budapest

More information about the museum and the building
Budapest, 60 Andrassy Street, this is the address of the House of Terror Museum. The place is not random, because the Hungarian National Socialism party’s headquarters and prison was here. The time of communism the ÁVÓ and the ÁVH developed the building; the reason was the number of prisoners was constantly growing and they couldn’t post them in the cells. They owned the basements of the surrounding building too, and made a basement-prison labyrinth under the 60 Andrassy Street. The Communist System’s “enemies” were tortured here by the communists, they tried to make the sufferers to admit their sins. Then House of Loyalty, later ÁVH headquarters served the terror system until 1956. This museum wants to memorial to these terrible things, to remind people to this unbelievable, institutionalized evil. The For the Researches of Central and East European History and Society Foundation bought the building in December 2000 to create a museum what shows the Hungarian history’s these two bloody eras. The building was remade after the plans of Sándor János architect and Ferenczfy-Kovács Attila interior designer. The historical-professional conception is from Schmidt Mária. The House of Terror completed in February 2002.

Let’s know more about the Hungarian history’s these two bloody and awful eras and listen the guided tour in Hungarian, English or German language. It will be an unforgettable experience.