Morrisons Budapest
Morrisons Budapest

Morrisons 2 is a very popular club for university students. It’s open from Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays. It’s located between the Margareth bridge and Nyugati railway station, so it is easy to get there using tram 4 and 6. It is on the Pest side of the city, in the city centre in a big house. It is quite different from the other clubs in Budapest, as is is quite similar to the popular ’ruinpubs’ in style.

There are 5 dance floors in Morrisons 2 and there are areas to have a drink and to have a chat or even play. The entrance is free till 21.00. The place has packages in which you can drink without limits, meaning that you can spend the whole night and drink a lot if you decide to party with friends, locals, and tourists in Morrisons.

Morrisons 2

1055 Budapest, Szent István krt. 11.

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