Fogasház is a mixture of a ruin pub and an open air garden pub. It is located in the popular seventh district of Budapest and it is one of the most popular places in town to hang out among and take a drink.

Fogasház is also known as Fogaskert. The Hungarian word „fog” means tooth, „ház” means house and „kert” garden. In other words the place is known as the tooth house and the tooth garden. The place has brilliant indoor areas where you can sit down and have a chat, play table football and have a drink, however if the weather allows it the outdoor garden is great for chatting, dancing and having fun until 04.00 in the morning (that is when the place close).


Fogasház opened in 2009, closed down for a while and then reopened in 2010. Since then it has received guests from all over the world and it is for sure one of the most popular pubs in the seventh district of Budapest together with for example Szimpla kert. They arrange concerts and special events regularly in Fogasház and sometimes they arrange markets where people buy second hand stuff to support positive initiatives around in Hungary.

If you look for a place to mingle with the locals Fogasház is a good alternative.

Fogasház prices:

0,5l draught beer – 500 HUF
0,1l wine – 200 HUF

Fogasház information

Monday – Saturday: 14.00-04.00
Sunday: 16.00 – 04.00

Address: Akácfa utca 51, VII. district

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