Szimpla kert

If you want a cool place to hang out in Budapest, Szimpla might be exactly the place you are looking for. Szimpla Budapest, also known as Szimpla Kert (kert meaning garden), was one of the first ruin pubs in Budapest to enter the map, and it is has since its opening been the leading ruin pub in all of Budapest. It was also because of this that it recently was listed as number three on the list of great bars in the world by Lonely Planet.

Szimpla Kert is located in the seventh district of Budapest, not far from the Great Synagogue. It is open every day from 12.00 until 03.00, and you might be surprised to hear, but it is packed with people all day. This is not only a place for tourists and expats in Budapest, but also a place where the locals hang out, so you will hear just as much Hungarian as English and other interesting languages as you visit Szimpla Kert in Budapest.

A cool event taking place at Szimpla Budapest every Sunday is the farmers market. This is open from 9.00 till 14.00 every Sunday, and the goal is to bring the local food and high quality products to the daily citizen. Again the products in the stores are not at all high quality (often), and that is why you at this market can get high quality products directly from those making them.

szimpla kert

Szimpla Kert is a ruin pub, and a ruin pub is an old house turned into a bar/club/pub. To many changes are not done, so a ruin pub might not seem to be in the best shape, but they still do a lot of work to make the interior cool and interesting. Just take a look on the pictures from Szimpla Budapest in this article, and you will understand what we are speaking of.

If you come to Budapest and want to see an authentic ruin pub and simply find a place where you can enjoy life, grab something to drink and chat with friends and people you still not know, Szimpla is the place to go. You can also find some dishes/food in Szimpla, but if you want some serious food served in a delightful way, go somewhere else.

Price examples from Szimpla Budapest

Coffee: 600 Huf
Palinka: from 1400 HUF
Beer (½ liter): from 1000 HUF
Unicum: 1200 HUF
Red Bull: 1300 HUF

szimpla garden

Szimpla Budapest information

Kazinczy utca 14, VII district
Tlf: +36 1 300 4010
Email: szimpla(@)szimpla(.)hu
Opening times: 12.00-03.00

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