Kopaszi dike

The Kopaszi Dike, in Hungarian known as Kopaszi Gát, is a beautiful area near the Lagymányosi Bridge in Budapest. The area was earlier a messy place full of garbage and not a nice place for relaxation, but is has recently been renovated and now it is one of the nicest places in Budapest for a nice walk, or simply to relax. As you walk around on the Kopaszi Dike you can see the Danube on one side, and on the other side you can see the Lágymányosi Bay, beautiful 🙂

At Kopaszi Dike there is a large parking lot for cars, so it is easy to park your car, and go for a walk from there. You can find a disco here, several restaurants, pubs, toilets, playgrounds for children and lots of green grass where you can lay down and relax for some hours. Among the most famous restaurant here you can find Vakvarjú Beach, where you can eat “hekk”, very popular fish among Hungarians, and other typical Hungarian courses.

We can warmly recommend everyone a trip to the Kopaszi Dike, or the Kopaszi Gát, it is well worth it!

Kopaszi Dike pictures

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