Allee Center

Allee BudapestThere are few shopping centers in Budapest that has something special to offer making them stand in the crowd. Allee is not different, so you should probably not travel across the entire city to get to this one, because it is not worth it. But, if you combine it with a visit to the neighbor building, it could suddenly be worth the ride!

Allee shopping center has become a very popular mall since its opening in Budapest a few years ago. It is located by the last stop of tram number 4 and it has filled a shopping center void among citizens in this area on the Buda side. On busy days it can be hard to find free parking lots inside the mall, also influenced by the positive fact that the mall offer two hours of free parking to all their guest on weekdays and free parking during weekends.

What can be found inside Allee?

Allee is a quite large shopping center so to write down the names of all stores inside the center would take to much time. However you might be pleased to know that quite a lot of famous fashion brands can be found here, for example H&M, C&A, Zara, New Yorker, Stradivarius, Bershka, Marks&Spencer, Mayo Chix, Orsay and Van Graaf If you are of those who believe that you can never buy to many pair of shoes, you might want to visit Ecco, Humanic, Players Room, Salamander, Tamaris and/or Office Shoes. In Allee you can find quite a wide specter of fast food chains and restaurants, a pharmacy, a large grocery store (InterSpar) and a cinema (Cinema City) where you can watch the newest Hollywood films.

What I like about Allee!

I like Allee, but that probably has to deal with the fact that it is the easiest mall for me to reach from where I live. However, one thing that I do enjoy and like with Allee is the fact that they are good at arranging special events next to the mall. There is a very nice walking area next to the mall and several times a year they arrange all sorts of markets and festivals here, be it Christmas and Easter markets, wine and palinka festival and so on. During larger sports events they always create an outdoor area next to the mall where you can watch soccer matches and sports events live while enjoying the fellowship of others fans and some places where you can buy refreshments while watching!

I mentioned in the introduction that the center has a very interesting neighbor, a traditional Hungarian market hall (Fehervari market) where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, cheese, milk, meat and similar products directly from the producers. Especially on Saturdays (open from 6.30-14.00) you can buy sausage, salamis directly from the one producing them on the 2nd floor, so make sure to check it out if you are in the area. On the other days of the week the market is open from 6.30-18.00.

How to get to Allee shopping center?

The easiest way to get here is to jump on tram 4 and travel with it to the end station (name of the station is Ujbuda center).

Allee shopping center information

Address: Oktober huszonharmadika utca 8-10, 1117 Budapest
Tlf: 0036 1 372 7208

Allee opening times: 
10.00-21.00 (Monday – Saturday)
10.00-19.00 (Sunday)

Allee news

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