This is the preferred by many people who look for a good place to shop clothes. With all the newest fashion shops inside, this is the place they dream of as they sit bored in school. For those who doesnt like shopping clothes so much, this can turn rather boring. This is where many people from Budapest would go, as they like it better than for example West End.

Inside Arkad you can find shops such as: Deichman, Zara, Reno, Office Shoes, Vagabond, Humanic, Adidas, Budmil, C&A, H&M, Jeans Club, Kenvelo, Retro, Puma, Promod, Orsay, Douglas, Rossmanm, Bijou Brigitte, Media Markt and many, many more shops.

Arkad Budapest

Address: 1106 Budapest, Örs vezér tere
Metro stop: Örs Vezér Tere (red metro)

Arkad pictures