Hegyvidek centre

Are you tired of all the standard shopping malls in Budapest with the same stores everywhere? Looking for something more exclusive and different? Time to visit Hegyvidek centre in the hills of Buda.

Hegyvidek centre, in Hungarian Hegyvidék Központ, opened its doors in 2012 and was the first green shopping centre to open in Hungary which is one of the reasons why it received the „very good” classification according to the BREEAM standard. The centre is located near MOM Cultural Centre, Sportmax Sports Centre and Budapest Congress Centre. You can easily reach it with public transportation using bus 102, 105, 112 or 212, or by tram 59 and 59A. The question is though what you can expect once you get there?

Hegyvidek Centre

What can be found inside Hegyvidek Centre?

If you have been to Westend CityCenter or Arena Plaza before this mall will feel very small, but that is what makes the atmosphere so different. You can easily walk and inspect the entire mall in less than an hour and as you walk around you will mostly see shops you do not see in most other malls. Upon my personal visit to Hegyvidek the words coming to my mind walking around were luxury and gourmet.

If you want to buy some high class wine you will find exclusive wine store inside the centre. If you want to buy some good steaks or high quality meat (not like the Tesco/Auchan quality) you will find that as you shop from Meszar Steak. There are some fashion shops around, a very nice CBA, Primagora (a place for vegatables and fruit) and fish lovers will for sure enjoy Vörös Homár (Red Lobster).

Some other shops in Hegyvidek: Lira, PrimaPek, Szamos, LaPraline, Szervusz, OTP Bank/Travel, Beauty salon, Jacadi, DM, Brandt flowers, Vathys Corner, Emanuel Berg, BriLike, Olsen, Stefanel and some more shops.

[stextbox id=”info”]It can be useful to know that parking is free in the centre on weekends and on weekdays the first two hours of parking are free in the Hegyvidek centre.[/stextbox]

Hegyvidek Centre information

Address: Apor Vilmos tér 11-12.
Opening times: 10.00-20.00 (10.00-16.00 on Sunday)

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