Budakeszi Wildlife Park

Vadaspark The Wildlife Park in Budakeszi is the perfect place for those in love with nature, animals and fresh air. It is located in the suburb area, but it is still very close to the capital.

The Wildlife Park in Budakeszi, as its name shows, is located next to Budapest on the border of a little city, Budakeszi. It is only 20 minutes by bus from the Széll Kálmán Square in Buda, with bus number 22A, 22 or 222. By car it depends on the traffic jam, but it is maximum 15 minutes. If you are on foot, you have to get off the bus on the station Vadaspark and follow the tables. After 10-15 minute walk you reach the entrance of the Wildlife Park. If you are by car, the way is just a few minute and parking is free at the Wildlife Park.

After you buy the few hundred forint ticket, you can buy ZOO chaw too and you can feed the assigned animals with it. There is petting zoo area too, so smallest ones can meet close the mostly Hungarian animals. You can see European felines and brown bears, walk around the breathtaking nature and when you get tired, you can sit in Park’s buffet, where you can eat Hungarian pastries, strudel and other delicious things, fresh yourselves with hot or cold drinks, moreover the buffet is perfect place to warm in cold weather. If you like hiking, you definitely should visit the Wildlife Park in Budakeszi with your family, friends, even with your love, and let’s know more about nature in another country – Hungary. Have a great time!

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