Best restaurants in Budapest 2009

I just thought I’d throw away some old papers and magazine here the other day, and then I found the November edition of Time Out Budapest. In the paper they published their Budapest Restaurant awards for 2009, and I thought I’d just share their results, for those who haven’t read the magazine. One thing interesting to see is that in 2009 November, before Coster received its Via Michelin star, Time Out Budapest already considered the restaurant to be the best contemporary international restaurant in Budapest.

Best restaurants in Budapest 2009 (according to Time Out Budapest):

Best contemporary international:

  1. Costes
  2. Bábel Delikát
  3. Baraka
  4. Bio & Vegetáriánus

Best progressive Hungarian:

  1. Olimpia
  2. Cafe Kör
  3. Onyx
  4. Csalogány 26

Best traditional Hungarian:

  1. Múzeum
  2. Kádár Étkezde
  3. Fülemüle
  4. Vadrózsa

Best Italian:

  1. Fausto’s
  2. Krizia
  3. Il Terzo Cerchio
  4. Millenium Da Pippo

Best Asian:

  1. Wang Mester
  2. Momotaro Ramen
  3. Fuji
  4. Mennyei Ízek

Best fancy, but cheap lunch:

  1. Flores
  2. Ruben
  3. Két szerecsen
  4. Centrál Kávéház

Best Sunday brunch:

  1. Peppers!
  2. Gundel
  3. Bistro Jardin
  4. Brasserie Royale

Best wine restaurants:

  1. Klassz
  2. Bock Bistro
  3. Borbíróság
  4. Tigris

Best burger:

  1. Gresham
  2. New York Pizza
  3. Café Déryné
  4. The Caledonia

We wish everyone a good lunch, and why not eat a dinner outside today?

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