Budapest – With nice and clean streets

During our guided tours we often get to hear that the visitors are surprised to see how clean the streets of Budapest are. It is not normal to see litter around in the streets, and in general it looks as if someone is always making sure that it looks perfect.

In fact it is quite true. If you come to the city you can often experience to see that people constantly walk around picking up garbage from the streets, and that the city use much energy to keep the city look nice and clean.

Last weekend we (editor and wife) visited Amsterdam, and we must admit that we realized how blessed and nice the city of Budapest is compared to that (at least when it comes to litter and garbage in the streets). Just check out the image below from the main shopping street of Amsterdam.

So come to Budapest, and enjoy the city… And if you want to take a trip with a private guide in Budapest, just send us an email.

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