Arpad Bridge

As the Hungarians came to “Hungary” in 896, they were led by the chieftain Árpad. He is also the name giver of the most northern bridge of Budapest, the Arpad Bridge. Though it carried the name of Stalin from its opening in 1950 to 1958, it regained its original name in 1958, and since then we know it as the Arpad Bridge.

It is said to be the most used bridge of Budapest currently, and more than 150 000 cars pass over it during a day. It also contains a little bridge, connecting it to the northern side of the Margaret Island. The bridge is almost 1 kilometer long, and at the Pest side you can find the Arpad Hid metro stop, and at the Buda side you can find a HEV stop. If you go on this HEV (City Train) it can take you all the way to Szentendre.

The bridge has not so much of a touristic value, so normally this is a bridge that only people living in Budapest and people travelling through Budapest use.

Arpad Bridge pictures: