Rákoczi Bridge

This is the most southern bridge of Budapest, connecting the Pestside (the Palace of Arts and National Theater) with the Buda side, and the district of Lagymanyosi. It is the newest bridge, finished in 1995.

The Rákoczi Bridge with the National Athletics Arena in the background.

It is around 450 meters and has a special light setting during nighttime. At the Pest side, you can find a HEV stop (City train) that will take you in the direction of the Csepel island.

A normal tourist will normally not use this bridge, but if you ever plan to cross it, try to do so after sunset, then it is more enjoyable than during the daytime.

The bridge was originally named Lágymányosi Bridge, but was recently given the name “Rákoczi Bridge.”

Next to the bridge on the Pest side, you can find the National Theater, the Palace of Arts, and also the Athletics Arena built for the World Athletics Championships in 2023.

National Theater - Rakoczi Bridge

If you want to cross the bridge on foot or by bike, that is possible. You can find instructions on how it is done in this article.