Liberty Bridge

The Liberty Bridge is the shortest bridge connecting Buda to Pest. It was constructed for the Millennium Exhibition in 1896, celebrating that the Hungarians came to this area 1000 years earlier. It was designed by the Hungarian János Feketeházy, and the original name of the bridge was Francis Joseph Bridge, named after the ruler at that time, who also hammered in the last piece of the bridge in 1896.

The Liberty Bridge was also destroyed by the Germans as they left the nation in 1945, but the damages were not crucial, so the bridge could be opened again in 1946.

At the Pest side you can find the Great Market Hall, and if you walk 334 meters, you get to the Buda side where you can find the Gellert Hotel, with the famous Gellert Bath within its walls, and also the Cave Church and the Citadella can be found at the Buda side of the Liberty Bridge.

Liberty Bridge pictures