Petöfi Bridge

This bridge has received its name from the famous Hungarian poet, Sándor Petöfi. The original name of the Petöfi Bridge was though not the name it is carrying today, but it was named after Miklos Horthy, the Hungarian regent of that time. The Petöfi Bridge was opened in 1937, but it was only in use for 8 years, before the Germans blew it up in 1945. It then had to wait 7 years, before it was reopened for traffic again.

Crossing the bridge you will find tram 4 and 6, said to be the most used tram line in all of Europe. The Petöfi Bridge is around 380 meters long, and especially during summer time many people cross over to the Buda side to visit either Rio or Zöld Pardon (outdoor discos), or to enjoy some music at the A38 boat.

At the Pest side you can find the Boraros Square, from where you can take the HEV (City-train) or you can walk 10 minutes and end up at the National Theater or the Palace of Arts.

Petöfi Bridge pictures