The Parliament

Hungarian Parliament
Hungarian Parliament

The Hungarian Parliament was constructed between 1885 and 1902. This was a result of a law born in 1880 where they decided to build their own Parliament for Hungary in Budapest and all suggestions were to be presented before January 1st in 1883. It was debated which of the suggestions were to win, but what was decided without any problem was the location. It naturally had to be on an area with lots of space, meaning a bit outside of the inner center of Budapest in those days. So Kossuth Tér was a natural location for the construction.

The winning architect was Imre Steindl, a very important Hungarian architect living in this period. The architect, unfortunately, died just some weeks before the Parliament building was finished. Even though the building was not yet finished, they still used it to celebrate the Hungarian Millennium in 1896. The building is symmetric, so if you would cut it in two on the middle, both sides would still look the same. Interestingly, during the 17 years the construction lasted an average of 1000 people worked on the building all the time.

Hungarian Parliament visitor information

Would you like to see the Hungarian Parliament with your own eyes on the inside? Below you can read more about the visitors hours, how much it costs to visit the Hungarian Parliament, and much more.

How much does it cost to visit the Parliament building in Budapest?

The prices were last updated in January 2024.

  • Adults from Hungary or the EU: 6000 HUF
  • Adults for outside the EU: 12,000 HUF
  • Students from Hungary or the EU: 3000 HUF
  • Students from outside the EU: 6000 HUF

Children under 6 years can enter for free, while the student ticket is valid for students between 6 and 24 years.
There are also discounted family tickets available for families visiting the Hungarian Parliament.

What are the opening times of the Parliament?

The Parliament opens at 8:00 and is open until 18:00 (except for November and December in which the building is open until 16:00).

Where can I buy tickets if I want to visit the Hungarian Parliament?

You can buy tickets as you visit the Parliament building, but it is better to book your ticket before you arrive at the Parliament. You can book your ticket online at As you visit the site, you might see the Hungarian version of the website first. If that is so, look at the top of the page where you will see two tiny letters “HU”. Click this and change to “EN” and you will see the English version of the website instead.

Hungarian Parliament
Hungarian Parliament

Inside the Hungarian Parliament

Inside the Parliament, you can see lots of special rooms, staircases, paintings, and of course the Hungarian Crown with the Crown Jewels next to the crown itself. Earlier the crown was located in the National Museum by Astoria, but on January 1st in year 2000 it was taken from the National Museum to the Parliament. The crown is not the crown they once used to crown King Stephen as the first king of Hungary, this has an origin some hundred years later. Still, it has great value to the Hungarian people and it was a great joy as it returned to Hungary in the 1970s after spending quite some years in the United States.

The Hungarian Parliament is most beautiful from the Buda side (seen from Batthyány Tér) or from the Fishermen’s Bastion. If you want it even better, enjoy the view from a Danube Cruise at night!

Parliament in Budapest
Parliament in Budapest

When do they turn on the lights on the Parliament building?

Would you like to see the Parliament by night, just like you do in the image above? When do they turn on the lights? There isn’t a set time for this, but in general, it is just after sunset. As a result, the lights are turned on later in the summer, and earlier in the winter.

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