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Azahriah Budapest

Azahriah is a very popular singer and songwriter in Hungary. He has become incredibly popular in a short time, but due to hard work and diligence. It caught many by surprise, but as they planned to arrange an Azahriah concert in Puskas Arena in May 2024, all tickets were sold out at an incredible pace. What did they do? They added more concerts. As a result, there will be three Azahriah concerts in Puskas Arena in May 2024.

The last weekend of May will be an incredible Azahriah weekend in Budapest. On Friday, May 24, the first concert is held, followed by a second concert on May 25, and the final concert on May 26 (Sunday). Would you like to be there at one of them to see this Hungarian celebrity? He sings mostly in Hungarian, but you will for sure enjoy the atmosphere if you decide to be among the approximately 35,000 people at any of the concerts. The venue itself is worth a visit the fantastic Puskas Arena. This is where the Hungarian national team in football plays its matches, and it is also where Coldplay and Ed Sheeran will perform later during the summer of 2024. Doesn’t that sound cool? Did you suddenly get several reasons to come to Budapest in 2024?

Azahriah Budapest 2024

Dates: May 24-26
Location: Puskas Arena

Ticket marketplace (where you can buy from others): Viagogo

Since all tickets were sold out quickly for all the concerts, the only option if you want to be there at one of the Azahriah concerts is to buy tickets from others. Be careful in the process, as some people sell tickets at much higher prices than what it’s worth, so look around and use common sense in the process.

Questions about Budapest and the Azahriah concert.

Do you have any hotel recommendations near Puskas Arena?

Puskas Arena is approximately 2km from the Danube, a little bit outside the popular tourist areas. As a result, many people who come for the Azahriah concert decide to live in the city center and then travel to Puskas Arena for the concert, instead of living close to Puskas Arena, and then traveling to the city center whenever they want to explore the popular attractions of Budapest or visit a nice restaurant. You can fully decide for yourself. Below, you can see a map showing hotels and apartments close to Puskas Arena. Would you rather live in the city center, closer to the attractions, activities, museums, and restaurants in Budapest? Zoom out, and you will immediately see a lot of accommodation opportunities to choose from.

As you look at the map, it is smart to take advantage of the price estimations you see. Based on this, you can immediately discover which hotels or apartments are out of the question, and which might be good options for you and your wallet.

Who is Azahriah? How old is he? Is Azahriah his real name?

Azahriah is only an artist name. The real name of the artist is Attila Bauko. He was born in 2002, and he started playing the guitar early. He has his own YouTube channel (which he started in 2014) and started to publish videos using his artist name Azahriah in 2019.

How can I travel to Puskas Arena?

It is very easy. Buy a ticket for public transportation in Budapest and travel with the red metro to the stop named Puskas Ferenc Stadion. From there you can walk to the arena within five minutes.

Is Azahriah popular outside Hungary as well?

During the autumn of 2023, he had concerts in Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, and Köln. In other words, he is getting more and more popular outside the borders of Hungary, but the majority of his fans are Hungarians (still).

Where can I read about other things happening in Budapest in May?

Would you like to experience other events, concerts, festivals, or programs while in Budapest? You can find information about other ongoing and upcoming events on our page: “What’s happening in Budapest?


May 24 - 26 2024


All Day


Puskas Arena
Puskas Arena
Puskas Arena

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