Budapest Comic-Con 2025

Do you feel like no one in your surroundings share your interest in comic books, Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Marvel universe, and other fictional stuff? Would you like to finally feel at home with people in love with the same as you? Come to Budapest Comic-Con, and your dream will come true!

There are Comic-Con festivals arranged all around the world. The most famous festival is arranged in San Diego, but there is also a very popular one arranged in Los Angeles. But, you don’t have to travel to the United States to experience Comic-Con. There are annual Comic-Con festivals in Prague, Lisbon, and several other European cities, including Budapest.

Comic-Con is great because you get to listen to speeches from celebrities. You can dress up in a costume of your favorite superhero, get signatures from celebrities, and maybe even take a selfie with a childhood hero. There are all sorts of competitions and quizzes, workshops, stands from which you can buy comic books, special effects from your favorite movies, and lots of great food to eat.

The event is aimed at Hungarians, but since most of the invited guests are English-speaking, you can easily enjoy the event without any Hungarian skills. It is also a fact that comic book lovers normally are very good at English, so you will have no trouble getting around even if all you can say in Hungarian is szia (hello) or egeszsegedre (cheers)!

Budapest Comic-Con 2025

Dates: June 14-15

Location: Hungexpo

How to get to Comic-Con?

There are several ways to get to the venue for Comic-Con in Budapest. The easiest method is to travel with the red metro to the stop Pillango utca. From there, you can easily reach the venue within 20 minutes on foot. Another option is to travel by bus 95 or 195 which will take you a bit closer to the venue.

If you come from afar, you can travel by bus to Budapest, and the end station of many bus routes is at the Stadion stop.

Star Wars fans at Comic-Con
There are lots of Star-Wars fans attending the different Comic-Con events worldwide.

What is the price of a Comic-Con ticket?

Due to dramatic inflation in Hungary, it is hard to predict the prices of Comic-Con 2025. But, the ticket prices for Comic-Con is expected to look like this.

  • Saturday ticket: 6500 HUF
  • Sunday ticket: 6500 HUF

If you buy the tickets on the spot, the price is 10,500 HUF. In other words, buy your ticket in advance to save money. There will most likely be a combined ticket for both days if you want to be present on both Saturday and Sunday, but we do not have information about the price of such a ticket yet. There are also additional tickets available for those who want to take photos with the celebrities and for those who want to have something dedicated by the celebrities attending the event.

Some history…

The first Comic-Con was supposed to be arranged in Budapest in 2020, but it was canceled due to COVID-19. As a result, the first event was arranged in 2022 in HungExpo and it was a giant success. Jack Gleeson, who played the role of Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones, was present together with Christopher Lambert, John Rhys-Davies, and other celebrities.



Jun 14 - 15 2025


All Day

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