Flamingo restaurant (Fészek étterem)

Flamingo restaurant (also known as Fészek étterem or Fészek klub) is the place you would normally never find, unless you knew about its existence. It is located in the seventh district of Budapest, not far from popular clubs such as Kuplong and restaurants such as Faustos and Trofea Grill. Still it is very different from these, and since it is so hard to find, it was almost empty as Budablogger went there to have his lunch.

Flamingo restaurant (Fészek étterem) does not look too much like a restaurant from the outside, but once they escort you to the garden inside the complex, it almost feels like a revelation. The restaurant has a really special atmosphere, but that is only valid in nice weather when you can sit outside in the garden and enjoy your meal. On a rainy day it can be enjoyable as well, as you sit in a kind of tunnel with roof above, but still outside „enjoying” the weather and the temperature. If you come during school time you can even enjoy the sound of children doing sports/gymnastics somewhere nearby (I am not sure if that is positive or not, but it wasn’t really disturbing at all).

The lunch menu in Flamingo costs about 1000 HUF, and then you will get three courses. As you come for a lunch menu you got a selection of different soups, main courses and desserts to choose between, making it easier for everyone to find something they like. When I visited the restaurant I started out with a broccoli cream soup followed by a pumpkin stew with pork goulash and an apple pie for dessert.

Flamingo is not among the top restaurants of Budapest, so therefore you do not expect the highest of high quality as you come here. But I at least expected the food to taste well and to satisfy my hunger. The soup came quickly and it was tasty, nice and green – just the way it is supposed to be. The main course came in a big portion and it looked very nice, and tasted even better. After eating everything until then I did not really need a dessert, but since it was in the menu I had ordered, then of course I had to eat the dessert as well (though I only ate one of the two pieces of apple pie).

Lunch in Flamingo – Pumpkin stew with pork goulash

The dessert came quickly and to my surprise I got to quite nice pieces of apple pie. Some sort of apple sauce was placed upon and beside the cake and yet another time I really enjoyed the dessert, except from the fact that I was very full before I took the first bite of it.

All in all I can warmly recommend Flamingo (Fészek étterem) as a place for a lunch. It is probably a bit different during dinner, but if they keep the same standard as they did for the lunch, 80% of all visitors will be more than satisfied with what they are served. On the menu you can find traditional Hungarian courses, and they even have a three course tourist menu costing 15 Euro per person.

If you look for special tastes and culinary wonders, then you should probably go to Onyx, Faustos or Mak Bistro instead, but if you are looking for a quite cheap place to have a bite of food with nice taste and good portions, then this might be it. Feszek means nest, and because of that they have pelicans made out of tree located around in the backyard (garden), and they also have a house parrot which can be seen in the garden on sunny day. When that is present you almost feel as if you are out in the forest somewhere, with birds singing in the background.

This is how it looks – very cool in the evening as well!

Flamingo / Fészek Klub / Fészek étterem

Kertész utca 36 (corner of Kertész utca and Dob utca)
+36 1 342 6549

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