Flight cancellations

In Norway domestic flights are back up running, but the weather forecasts makes it possible that from this evening on all flights will be cancelled again. In Hungary and in Budapest cancelled is the word to get used to. The homepage of Budapest Airpot (which is almost impossible to reach due to heavy traffic) now tells that all flights until 12.00 today are cancelled, and after that there are several cancellations as well. Flights heading south from Budapest are still not cancelled this afternoon, and some other flights are not cancelled yet, but stay updated and check out www.bud.hu for the most recent updates.

If you need to travel away from Budapest we recommend the use of Orangeways which is fairly cheap and offers excellent service to travellers. Outside their normal international routes they arranged a bus travelling from Budapest to Vienna, Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Saarbrucken, Metz, Reims and Paris. I am not sure if they will repeat that trip, but check out their homepages for more information.

We wrote Saturday an article called “Stuck in Holland“, and yes, now we are stuck in Holland. Our flight home today is cancelled, but we have already bought bustickets, so tomorrow we will leave back to Budapest by bus!

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