Is 2000 HUF a lot for a Sekler Cake?

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      I just visited a market and noticed that the price of a Sekler Cake was 2000 HUF per piece. Isn’t that a lot? Can a Hungarian buy one with their low salaries? What is a normal price?

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      2000 HUF is a lot, but it also depends a lot on where you are and the size of the Sekler Cake. If it is a giant sized Sekler Cake at a popular location (like a Christmas market or a Spring market), it is expensive, but not extremely expensive. If it is small in size and at a not central location, it is definitely expensive.

      You will find locations selling Sekler Cakes at 600-1000 HUF, but these are often smaller in size, and they are not always prepared at the traditional way.

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