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      Where can I find Internet pages suitable for comparing prices of electronics, groceries, and all sorts of products in Hungary? I know such exist in most countries, and it would be nice to find a similar price comparison tool for Hungary and BUdapest! Thanks in advance.

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      There are a couple of options for this. The most popular for comparing electronic devices, and all sorts of stuff in general is There you can type the name of the newest mobile device, a TV, or maybe a motherboard for your computer, or a washing machine, or a cool drone, and you will find price comparisons from most of the big stores in Hungary.

      Would you rather compare the prices of milk, Nutella, joghurt, or frozen pizza, you will find the page to be really useful.

      Another page for price comparison is https//

      These are some of the best and most popular tools. Hope this info helps!

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